Moozhan Ahmadzadegan, Artist – Okanagan, BC

Moozhan Ahmadzadegan is an emerging artist based on the unceded and ancestral territory of the Syilx people (Okanagan, BC). He received a BFA from the University of British Columbia in 2019 with a Major in Visual Arts and a Minor in Art History and Visual Culture. His practice engages personal and social inquiry as a means to navigate his identity and activism through visual materials, most often employing the mediums of painting and screenprinting. His work explores social justice, cultural hybridity, queerness, resistance, and accessibility. Through conceptual themes, visual presence, and creative intervention, he attempts to foster contemplative thinking and dialogue. His installation Where Are You Really From? is on display at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art until January 9.

  1. Khoresh Bademjoon

My favourite khoresh, especially when made by my mother. Khoresh Bademjoon is a stew-like Persian dish involving a tomato-based sauce with gooreh (sour grapes), chicken, eggplant, and lots of other tasty ingredients. My mom used to say “khoresh bademjoon without the bademjoon” because I never liked eggplant growing up (bademjoon is eggplant). I still don’t ​love eggplant, but this dish is still my favourite. This meal is not complete without polo (rice) and mast-o-khiar (yogurt with cucumber and herbs).

  1. Jordan Firstman’s Instagram

He is fully cuckoo and sort of awful, but I’m in love with him. Firstman is a comedian and screenwriter for some shows I enjoy. I discovered him on Instagram earlier this year. His mix of ironic, cringy, commentator humour has me hooked. He does “impressions” on Instagram – short videos where he impersonates literally anything (people, objects, and even concepts). My favorite is “secrets” where strangers tell him a secret and he provides commentary. His account definitely kept me going at the start of the pandemic.

  1. Seeing a movie alone

Maybe this is a lame one, but one of my favourite joys in life is seeing a movie by myself. I need alone time to recharge, and escaping into a movie or a TV show is the best way for me to relax. I go on a solo date every few months. It’s even better if I’m alone in the theatre.

  1. Water

Wow, what can I say? It’s a great drink. They say water is life. I believe it!

  1. Studio nights

My two close friends and I often have studio nights. This started while we were doing our undergrad. Being the procrastinators we were, we often found ourselves at the studio late at night. Since graduating we acquired a studio space together where we meet up regularly to make art and fool around – just like we did while in school only less productive since we don’t have deadlines like we used to.