Monique Martin, Artist – Saskatoon

(photo: Trint Thomas)

Monique Martin has exhibited in more than 240 exhibitions, and had over fifty solo exhibitions in ten different countries. She often uses significant symbols or comments on contemporary social issues in her art. She works in all mediums, including sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, and printmaking. Her work is on display in two group exhibitions at this time: Inside/Out uses her paper dandelions in a public art installation at the Estevan Art Gallery, and a ceramic piece of hers is in From Scratch at the Saskatchewan Craft Council in Saskatoon. Her solo exhibition featuring the series Continuous is currently being exhibited at the ODD Gallery in Dawson City until October 3.

  1. Ripples on a Pond/Pebbles in a Pond

I toss a pebble into many ponds, trying to capture the ripples and the variations in light in each.

A pebble doesn’t know the ripples it leaves on the pond. Sometimes a small incident, a promise only half-intended, a touch, or a casual remark can set off a chain of events that will alter lives and change destinies. Like a pebble in a pond, rings of energy move outward from contact, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, or viral (Pebble in Pond – COVID-19)

  1. Time – The Long Now

My deceased mother-in-law’s alarm clock and paper dandelions from my Paper Dandelion a Day project, during COVID lockdown.

I have lived almost all of my life in time poverty. I think about how to use it, feel guilty when I don’t use it well, I guard it, I count it, I recount it. I obsess over older objects, like paper that smells of the past, mildew, and neglect. I love printing over older prints/reproductions and working in collage.

  1. Gratefulness

This is a photo of my garden that looks over the park behind our house. I watch the light change through the seasons from this view and contemplate the great things in my life and sometimes the hardships through the lens of gratefulness.

We become so accustomed to the positive events happening each day in our lives that happiness becomes a moving target. There is strength in the foundation of gratitude. The unseen is as important as the seen. The thoughts we have inside our own head are as important or even more important than the ones we speak aloud. (Foundation of Gratefulness)

  1. Transformation

Various stages in the life of the butterflies that I recently raised in my greenhouse.

During lockdown, I purchased live butterflies. I watched their complete lifecycle, sometimes in the middle of the night so as to not miss the emerging butterfly. I began to see that life is one large transformation that is controlled by seasons, body rhythms, even political events. I am stepping away from my teaching career very soon to pursue art full time; my life will be transformed though time affluence and new rhythms.

  1. Fountain pens/handwriting

My favorite fountain pen and sketchbook page.

I am interested in ink flowing onto smooth paper from a fountain pen. It must not catch or hesitate when creating a line; it must flow evenly and consistently. I am interested in flourishes, curls, and loops created by the human hand in communicating. My handwriting, with distinct differences from day to day, mood to mood, fascinates me.