Marlene Yuen, Artist – Vancouver

Marlene Yuen is a multidisciplinary artist who makes books. She has exhibited in Canada, America, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Japan. Her books have been retained in special collections nationally and internationally. Currently, she is focusing her subject matter on Chinese Canadian labour history and the preservation of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. Her newest artist book explores Vancouver Chinatown’s last print shop: Ho Sun Hing Printers. Her solo exhibition Cheap! Diligent! Faithful! is on display at grunt gallery until December 12.

  1. Dahlias

I tried to grow them the past few summers, but they never took off. However, this year they have gone bananas! I love sharing them with friends and family.

  1. Jarvis Cocker

I didn’t care too much for him in the nineties. He seemed a bit of a troublemaker, mooning MJ, etc. But I rediscovered him five years ago. In the studio, I used to listen Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service on BBC6. His radio program reintroduced me to art, culture, music, and myself. After becoming a mom, I lost quite a bit of myself.

  1. Ginger beer!

My neighbour introduced me to fermentation this summer. It’s good fun until a bottle explodes in your kitchen at 6:30am. Messy.

  1. Paper

I have so much paper in my plan drawers. It is a silverfish’s dream come true! My favourites are decorative papers from Chinatown’s Bamboo Village.

  1. A big bowl of noodles

I sure miss eating noodles. I’m not brave enough to eat in restaurants yet. Take-out noodles just expand. Blech.