Levin Ifko, Artist – Calgary

Levin Ifko is an artist currently based in “Calgary” (Mohkínstsis/Treaty 7 land). Their practice combines their love of writing (in its many forms) with an exploration of mental illness, queer and trans-ness, movement, and change. They are currently an artist-in-residence at The New Gallery (February 18 to March 26). Their work is also being shown with the Alberta Society of Artists (TREX Southwest) in the group exhibition Urban Soul (2021-2023).

  1. The ABBA Song Selector

Gifted to me by my friends Jules and Andy, the ABBA Song Selector is a cut-out fortune teller published by Next Magazine. I love magazine cutouts and fortune tellers, and moreover I love ABBA! This object is the perfect meeting between the two. (Although I question some of the song choices…)

  1. Vinyl lettering

My grandparents owned and operated a sign-making business for fifty years before retiring in 2020. The process of designing, printing, and installing vinyl was something I learnt in their garage/office growing up – an experience I am eternally grateful for as an artist and student.

  1. Barbarella

I’ve been watching a lot of sci-fi lately – this film is SO fun!

  1. These gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

A multidisciplinary artist and friend, Dust Cwaine’s January 2022 email newsletter included a delicious recipe for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. (Cream cheese is a GF baking game changer!)

  1. People Change by Vivek Shraya

A deeply exciting and generous read. Vivek Shraya’s writing on “authenticity,” relationships, public transness, and being an artist, are just a few of the many reflections that have felt deeply meaningful lately. As Shraya writes, “I am certain – that I want to keep changing.”