Julie Oh, Artist – Saskatoon

Julie Oh’s solo exhibition titled Tunnel, Air, Mother opens at the Dunlop Art Gallery on November 20 and continues until January 26. The following images are bits from that work and also her current interests/obsessions.

  1. Operation

These are gutted parts from Operation board games. The one on the left is a classic version and the one on the right is a contemporary version. I like collecting them and looking at the abstract shapes of the body to see how they changed over time.

  1. Injection moulding

The little game pieces from Operation come attached to a frame from a manufacturing process called injection moulding. This housing form is just as suggestive of the body as the game pieces, so I decided to construct a life size version with PVC pipes and elbows.

  1. Scotch Tape

My mom uses Scotch Tape to fix all ailments around the house including leaking faucets, broken seams on a couch, and sometimes as a bandage. I too find myself using it for everything… around the studio.

  1. Chess

These are my mom’s empty pill containers that I’ve repurposed to make a game of my own: an almost complete set of chess. I love this game so much. I play on my own when there is no one to play with. To think of the body as a game, as something you battle against your whole life, is something that I’ve been thinking more consciously about as I observe my mom’s health. This metaphor can, of course, be easily applied to artmaking in general.

  1. Learning about dogs

A puppy named @salty_aka_shabu is currently undergoing adolescence. He is almost six months old. His body is changing, like the colour of his coat and scent. I try to learn as much as I can to pass this difficult time with empathy and hope.