Judah Iyunade, Artist – Winnipeg

Judah Iyunade is a Nigerian, lens-based artist. Drawing on his Nigerian heritage, his photographs and films explore history, sexuality, identity, and love as a way of centering the African diasporic experience. His unique style regularly incorporates elements of West African studio photography in portraits that capture vulnerable and intimate moments. In 2020, he was one of the PLATFORM Photography Award winners. His solo exhibition Alara opens on March 30 at the Centre for Cultural & Artistic Practices.

  1. Fragile Legacies: The Photographs of Solomon Osagie Alonge

I recently got this book about Nigeria’s premier 20th Century photographer and the first official photographer to the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Benin. I am drawn to his work because of his documentation of himself and the royal life.

  1.  The New Masquerade

The New Masquerade was a Nigerian sitcom that aired during the 1980s until the mid-1990s. It was created to bring laughter into the homes of citizens after the devastation caused by the Nigerian Civil War. I recently discovered it from a podcast and have watched almost all the available episodes on YouTube.

  1. Samuel Fosso’s Le rêve de mon grand-père

This series explores Fosso’s childhood and his grandfather’s aspirations for him through self-portraits. I am drawn to this because of my latest work.

  1. Ofada stew

Ofada stew is a delectable Nigerian stew made with palm oil, fermented locust beans, and bell peppers.

  1. Bamako

I just saw it again, and it feels like it’s a new film. Probably one of the best that I have seen in a while.  A haunting visual poem.