Jasmine Cardenas, Artist – Hamilton

Jasmine Cardenas is a Canadian-Ecuadorian multi-disciplinary artist working with sculptural paintings, collage, and installation. She received her BFA from OCAD University (2017). Through collecting personal images and objects, her work explores themes of cultural hybridity, childhood, and storytelling. She has most recently received the Jarislowsky Foundation Emerging Artists Award and participated in the Banff Artist in Residence Emerging for Winter 2020. Her latest installation To Save/To Make, painted entirely in achiote (a natural non-lightfast pigment), is on view in the window space of Xpace Cultural Centre until January 9.


  1. Stay Happy by Broken Social Scene

I love Broken Social Scene and have been obsessed with this song for pretty much all of 2020. They were one of the last live concerts I attended before the pandemic. The show was at Danforth Music Hall and I remember Kevin Drew asking the audience to scream in unison and let it all out. That energy gave me chills. I miss live music. Stay Happy is groovy and mellow, so maybe my subconscious is trying to send me a message

  1. The Compassion Project

Since moving to Hamilton I have recently discovered The Compassion Project, an organization that offers accessible (sliding scale, pro-bono services), safe, and confidential psychotherapy. With winter looming and the effects of the pandemic building up, I am so grateful to have started video sessions to work through my mental health.

  1. Self-care

In finding ways to fight S.A.D, creating a ritual of self-care has made me feel good. I’ve started to take daily vitamins and make an effort to take care of my hair and skin. I try to support local businesses as often as I can and Bartholomew Sisters is one of my favourites. They are a Canadian natural skincare brand. Love their Lavender & Bergamot Grapeseed Oil!

  1. Walks

Taken on the Bruce Trail a few weeks ago.

I moved to Hamilton from Toronto a few months ago. In continuation with our self-care, my partner and I will bundle up and go on long walks to get to know the city and get some fresh air. I’m not always excited to go, but I feel better afterwards.

  1. Plants

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been at home really enjoying plants, and planting, and plant care – all of it. This is my window sill of plant cuttings waiting to be propagated.