Ava Katz, Artist – Vancouver

Ava Katz is a queer artist completing their BFA in sculpture at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Their practice expands upon the inherent androgyny and fluidity of organic forms, participating in a larger dialogue around queer ecology and the naturalization of trans and intersex bodies. Inspired by the resilience and adaptability of the flora and fauna around them, their forms emerge in the space between vulnerability and self-preservation, fear and desire. Their work is currently exhibited in Residue: The Power of Thing at the Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons in Vancouver until March 16.

I love walking down the shore and finding washed-up fragments of shells and crabs. I’m always looking for the best rock to add to my collection.

2.Orchid pollination
I’m fascinated with the forms that orchids create to appeal to various pollinating insects. They often mimic the female of a species, hoping that the male will attempt to mate. Pretty neat!

3.The colour green
I’ve been obsessed with this colour for a while now. There’s something so satisfying in a nice bright chartreuse or a deep forest green. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect shade in the wild.

I’m Greek, so a nice olive stuffed with garlic or feta is my go-to savory treat!

I always have a piece of needlework on the go, and I bring it everywhere with me. I find it really calming to work on during my commute. Busy hands make a quiet mind.