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Sage Paul
Artist, designer

August 15, 2018

Sage Paul is an urban Dene woman and a member of English River First Nation. She is an artist, designer, and innovative leader for Indigenous fashion, craft, and textiles, championing family, sovereignty, and resistance for balance. She is also a founding collective member and Artistic Director of Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto. Her art and design has shown at the Royal Ontario Museum, Harbourfront Centre, and The Centre for Craft, Creativity and Design in North Carolina, and in a curated program at Western Canada Fashion Week by Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective. She has presented on Indigenous fashion at Canada House, The Walrus Magazine, Ryerson University, Toronto Women’s Fashion Week, and South Africa Fashion Week. In 2018, she will present her most recent collection Giving Life at Festival de Mode & Design in Montreal and Ohtaapiahki Fashion Week in Calgary. Her current work Witigo is on display as part of the Hot Culture exhibition at Gallery 101 in collaboration with the Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival.

1. Cris Derksen

I’ve been listening to Cris Derksen’s album The Cusp on my headphones. It’s her first album, I believe, and I love it. I’ve been super moody lately and this album lifts me up or it makes me feel really great about being moody. I am happy for either of those possibilities. Cris is an incredible artist, musician, and composer. I love the vision and exploration of her work, which is very much inspired by the land, being Cree, and being Mennonite. I really appreciate the shifting images Cris’s music paints in my mind every time.

2. Huff

I’ve been googling my husband Cliff Cardinal’s show Huff, which he is presenting right now at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Edinburgh Fringe is the largest theatre market in the world, and I am so deeply proud and happy for him! Huff is a timeless (but mostly dark and hilarious) story of three native kids who abuse solvents. No biases (!), but it’s the best piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. I definitely recommend going to see it in Edinburgh if you’re there.

3. Instacart

I’ve been ordering groceries online from Instacart, so I cook more now. Instacart delivers the same day within one or two hours of ordering and the additional service fee basically equates to a taxi… Easy.

4. Sketchbook

I got a new sketchbook that I’m pretty obsessed with. It’s got top coils and 200 pages of unbleached 8.5 by 11 paper. I feel like it’ll last forever, but I'll be pretty satisfied once it’s all filled up with ideas and notes.

5. Books

I love buying a handful of books when I’m travelling. The last score was at a huge Ottawa bookstore where the owner seemed to have read all the books in the store (many of the books had notes with “to: his name” in them and his handwritten notes throughout). I enjoyed the notes, but some people might have thought it vandalism. I got a practical sewing book from the seventies (they had good technique back then!), a two-in-one novel of the same story written from two different perspectives (a husband and wife), and the third was a gift: a classic novel that had a super old-school cover. I like that kitsch sometimes.



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