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Grace Wirzba

May 16, 2018

Grace Wirzba is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Lethbridge on unceded Treaty 7 Blackfoot Territory. Born in the Comox Valley and raised in Eastern Manitoba, her interest in place began in small Canadian prairie communities. She recently graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a BFA (Honours) and a focus in printmaking and installation. Her practice is rooted in place-making, memory, and faux fur. I Thought About It While Laying on the Floor is her most recent project and acts as her undergraduate thesis exhibition. This immersive installation considering institutional spaces and her intimacy with and within them is on display until May 21 at the University of Lethbridge’s Penny Gallery. She is also part of Body Collective, a collaborative exhibition curated by Courtney Faulkner at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery until June 9.

1. Begonia

Whenever the seasons change (they have only just started to here in Southern Alberta), I get nostalgic and romantic about my home province Manitoba. Royal Canoe’s Fussin' featuring absolute rock star Begonia (aka Alexa Dirks) is just the thing to trick me into feeling like I’m back in Winnipeg and into thinking it is as cool as it is in my dreamy brain. Begonia’s vocals and Instagram are equally killer. So congratulations to me on rekindling my love for Dirks and Winnipeg tune-makers in general.

2. Carpet

I’ve been installing my thesis exhibition for the last two weeks and acquired a ten-foot square end roll of beige carpet from a friend who works for a flooring company. If you are experiencing stressful times, grab a nice new piece of carpet, take off your shoes, and sit on the carpet in a quiet space while you do the stressful things. It helps.

3. My best females

A month ago, I came across tinyvictorieszine, a little baby zine about the great advice friends give to one another. My copy is in the mail; I can’t wait for it to come. I also just finished reading Kayleen Schaefer’s Text Me When You Get Home. Consuming media that connects me to and reminds me of my best friends is my favourite. I’m surrounded by powerful, intelligent, hilarious women, and reading about other women’s relationships to their gals keeps me going.

4. Meredith Heller

I was speaking to a friend about Meredith Heller’s “female-femmeing” and it opened up a discussion on the expression of femininity as a multiplicity and something that is constantly shifting. Heller suggests that layering femininity over a female body can be gender transgressive and queer. She digs into female-identified individuals performing female drag and its constant consideration as non-transgressive and nonqueer. I’ve been thinking a lot about performing femininity and reclaiming femininity, and I am in the process of unpacking Heller’s words.

5. South African milk tarts

My favourite local coffee shop has them occasionally. I would like them to have them always.



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