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Sora Park

March 28, 2018

Sora Park’s practice deals with ethnographical and anthropological interpretations of subcultures. The quantitative and qualitative data gathered during an immersive practice of field research are translated into works of art through text, performance, media, and installation. Her most recent projects deal with a three-year long research of Afro-Latin social dancing subcultures around the world. Her latest work, Good Follower,  is currently on view at The New Gallery in Calgary.

1. Hair

Zouk Training - Xandy Liberato & evelyn Magyari

I cut my hair short – Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, P!nk, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams “short” – the summer following high school graduation. I was so content with my hair that I decisively declared to myself and my friends that I would have short hair for the rest of my life. It only lasted ten years.

In 2013, the year I took my very first dance class, I stumbled upon a video of two people dancing Zouk. I was immediately enthralled by the female dancer's long hair flowing, whipping, and dancing in the air. Every strand of her hair looked like it was soaking in the music the dancers were dancing to.

After much deliberation (two years to be exact), I decided to grow out my hair.

Now my hair comes about midway down my back. I am starting to feel the weight and burden it brings when I dance now. If I have my hair in a bun on top of my head, it frequently gets struck by male dancers' arms or the bun hits my dance partner's nose as I do a head roll. If the bun is slightly off-centre or if I braid my hair down to one side, I can feel the weight pulling me to that side as I spin and turn. If I let my hair completely down when I dance, hair strands always get stuck in my mouth and I find myself constantly pulling my hair out of my mouth. Also, I worry that my dance partners can feel and are bothered by bobby pins on the right side of my head when we dance in a close embrace.

I don't know what to do with my hair now. I might cut it short again.

2. Spinning

Emily: explanation of salsa spin - Boston Salsa Fest 2014

I decided to assuage my frustration at not being able to spin while social dancing by taking private lessons. After four private lessons this month, I can now spin twice by myself about 70% of time. I am going in for two more lessons to learn how to spin properly when the spin is initiated by a dance partner.

3. Salsa hands

Salsa hands - develop your skills - Anna LEV

“Make your fingers look alive, ladies.”

4. Performance mishaps caught on video

Roxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval - Yapeyu

Heels getting caught in clothes, dancers losing balance, lifts and dips not completed (or, even worse, a partner dropped to the floor), forgetting choreography, group performance not in sync, wardrobe malfunction, technical difficulties, babies crying loudly, cell phones going off.

5. Troy

According to a DNA test, Troy is mostly Husky with a little bit of Belgian Tervuren mixed in. Looking at his big paws, many predicted he would grow up to be about one hundred pounds; however, at a year and nine months, he is sitting at sixty pounds. He likes to sleep on my bed in the morning while I eat my breakfast. After I finish my breakfast, I lay down next to him.



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