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Elyse Moir

March 21, 2018

Elyse Moir is an interdisciplinary artist and youth arts facilitator. Currently, she is participating in WIFT's New Waves program at AFCOOP, finishing a six month video residency at The Centre for Art Tapes, and working on illustrations for an artist book and a collaborative zine. In April, she will have a solo show of paintings on display at Lost and Found.

1. Leste magazine

(Photo courtesy of this weeks @lestemagazine take-over artist Armani Butler)

Leste is an erotic fanzine published in Montreal. It features content primarily from women identified, LGBTQA+ and BIPOC artists, performers, writers, and sex workers. They pay their contributors (!!!), advocate for financial transparency, and support artistic and personal autonomy. Their Instagram is my favourite account out there at the moment and is an extension of the magazine featuring weekly take-overs by its contributors.

2. Unnecessary arrangements

I like making unnecessary arrangements of stuff at thrift stores and yard sales. I've never given it much thought as far as being a part of my art practice, but I guess it feels like creating a physical version of the collages and comics that I make. I enjoy making these small and ephemeral gestures, which are to me a tender and thoughtful re-arranging of space and objects.

3. Karaoke

I LOVE karaoke. It's a great way to bring people together and find joy and self confidence through performance. I'm a huge fan of DIY living room karaoke. I started doing this in my own home and, over time, with the addition of a small amp and mic, some costumes, and props, took it to other people’s places for their birthdays or special events. Performance and singing can be a source of healing and community building, and I want to see this happening more often outside of bars, in more accessible and inclusive spaces. In February, I hosted my first karaoke night outside of a home at Wonderneath, a wonderful local community arts space in north end Halifax, and later this week I will be hosting a karaoke and performance night to wrap up my residency at The Centre for Art Tapes.

4. Kids' art

I've worked as a youth arts facilitator for a number of years and seeing the way that kids learn to collaborate, work out problems, and make sense of the world through making is really inspiring. Now, and in the future, I want to see more shows featuring the work of kids, not just in educational settings, but in galleries and at public art events too. During March Break at NSCAD University this year, in a class taught by Patrick Burgomaster, young students made their own unique musical instruments, recorded a collaborative album, and did a live performance. It was incredible! You can check out their music here.

5. 70s disco videos

This is perhaps more of a lifelong inspiration than an of-the-moment one, but I love the costumes, vibrant colours, highly choreographed dance moves, and analog video effects. In these videos, performance often seems as important as the music itself. Here are a few of my favourites: Amii Stewart, Knock on Wood; Sylvester, You Make Me Feel; and Baccara, Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.



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