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Meagan Musseau

Curling, NL
February 14, 2018

Meagan Musseau is an interdisciplinary visual artist of Mi'kmaq, French and Irish ancestry from the community of Curling in the Bay of Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador – Elamstukwek, Ktaqmkuk territory of Mi’kma'ki. She uses beadwork, textiles, performance, video, and installation to explore notions of identity, language, memory, and the relationship between her body, the land, and materials. She is a member of the Indigenous Artist Collective on Lekwungen territory (Victoria, BC) and the Atlantic Canadian representative for the National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition (NIMAC). Her video installation Made in Ktaqamkuk was recently featured in Constellations: bonds, ties and networks in 10 emerging practices by Erin Sutherland for Canadian Art, Summer 2017. Musseau’s solo exhibition PEJIPUK is on view until March 17 at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John’s and her work is included in an upcoming group show Recover All That Is Ours at Campbell River Art Gallery.

1. Bling beadwork

I love growing and rocking my collection!
I make earrings and connect with other artists to trade.
It's good to support artists by buying online or at local shops.
Always be sure the jewellery is Native-made!

2. @reclaimyourpower

@reclaimyourpower reposted this quote from @nationalaibl

Strong Resilient Indigenous. I follow @reclaimyourpower on Instagram and I love their posts and products. They are a community and company on Akwesasne Mohawk territory. You can order t-shirts, hoodies, and more online. I love seeing positive and powerful images of Indigenous women, especially when I'm scrolling through Instagram. The quotes are beautiful. For me, it opens a moment to reflect on my work, keep motivated, and feel like a strong badass woman.

3. Supportive networks

Conversing on art chairs in a Banff studio with Tiffany Shaw-Collinge (photo: Jonathan S. Igharas)

I’m not one for small talk. I actually have a real hard time with it. I thrive on meaningful conversations and going to places in a discussion that can be difficult and tricky yet supportive and healthy. Listening to others is a major aspect of learning and I practice expressing my opinion in these safe spaces of dialogue and reciprocity. I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with people who are generous in sharing and listening. In my opinion, there is nothing better than building a strong and supportive network of relations in the arts and our communities.

4. Mi'kmaq quillwork

Quillwork display case at Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre

Constantly inspired by our customary practices! This summer I spent time at Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre in Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia. It was amazing to see their collection of quillwork designs and objects. I was not surprised to see the high quality of work of Mi'kmaq hands, but the use of vibrant colour and geometry blew me away.

5. Moose meat

The day after I got home from travelling I was working on applications and not feeling well. My step-dad offered to bring me cough medicine and soup. When he got through the door there was a second bag full of moose meat from his freezer. He said, “I told you to pick this up ages ago.” This was his way of telling me I’d always be fine with a stash of moose meat. I found myself beyond grateful for the food sources and resources we have available here. They require knowing the land and putting labour into the harvest.



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