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Meaghan Hyckie

October 18, 2017

Meaghan Hyckie deconstructs and visualizes space in her coloured pencil drawings as a way to reflect on environmental, political and existential ideals and anxieties. Using drafting and perspective drawing techniques as the armature in her work provides a structure for her to investigate the perception of space and the vernacular of drawing. Hyckie’s work exploring Wartime Houses is currently on view at Urbanspace Gallery in Toronto and will be part of the Art Gallery of Windsor’s 2017 Triennial of Contemporary Art. Her first solo exhibition at Olga Korper Gallery will open in March 2018.

1. True crime podcasts

The way I draw is very labour intensive. I like to build up tones with thousands of lines or colour in meticulous little shapes, so I spend a lot of time in a headspace somewhere between meditatively engaged and super bored. As a way to not lose my mind I’ve gone from being a devout CBC listener to a podcast fanatic. I feel a little embarrassed about it, but my favourite podcasts are all true crime podcasts: True Crime Garage, Serial (Season 1), Canadian True Crime, Sword and Scale, Criminal, Crimetown, Casefile. I listen to them all.

2. E+M Motus Pencil Extender

If you draw with pencils you need to get a pencil extender. It’s a nerdy tool, like a pocket protector, but it allows you to sharpen your pencils right down to the nub. Pencil extenders are usually pretty inexpensive, BUT it’s totally worth investing in the best pencil extender I have ever used: the E+M Motus Pencil Extender.

3. DuroFoam

I use DuroFoam to store my work and I’m pretty fanatical about it. I even convinced my studio mate Rachel Crummey to buy some. It is moisture resistant insulation foam you can get at Home Depot in four by eight foot sheets that are super light and much more affordable than materials like Coroplast or Foam Core.

4. Archives

I’ve been researching Wartime Housing neighbourhood plans and architectural drawings at different archives in Ontario. Archives are amazing resources and nice spaces to spend time in. The City of Toronto Archives is worth the visit just to see their storage facility. It looks like where they put the Arc of the Covenant at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

5. 401 Richmond

For more than a year I’ve been worrying about what’s going to happen to 401 Richmond, a beautiful industrial building in Toronto that’s home to lots of community organizations, artists, and art spaces like Urbanspace Gallery, where I currently have an exhibition. The owners and tenants have been fighting a huge property tax increase that would have resulted in many evictions, but the provincial government recently announced it would work with the City of Toronto to create a new tax class for 401 Richmond that will enable rents to stay affordable and keep the building protected from development.



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