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Sheri Nault

April 12, 2017

Sheri Nault is a multi-disciplinary artist of Métis and mixed European descent. Her work Entangled Bodies is currently on display at the Art Gallery of York University Vitrines. A thesis candidate in the Master of Fine Arts Program at York University, her thesis exhibition Kin is also showing this week at the university. Situated within personal and political contexts, her art practice and research are grounded in queer, feminist, and Indigenous world-views. She holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design and was an Indigenous Practicum Participant in The Banff Centre’s Visual Arts department from 2014 to 2015. She has recently exhibited work in the group exhibition Things Little curated by Vanessa Nicholas and will be creating new work in response to a piece from the AGYU’s collections as one of six artists in an upcoming exhibition curated by Belinda Ho-Yan Kwan.

1. Cats

OKAY, yes, I know this might seem ridiculous. We all know cat people, some of us are cat people. People love cats or they hate them. A few people just don’t care either way. I never grew up with a cat and defi-nitely thought I was neutral to them. I’ve been known to say, “They don’t really seem to care about hu-mans, not like dogs.” Cats just weren’t a thing for me – until I adopted a rescue cat six months ago. Things I have said in just the last minute include: “GOSH DARN CUTEST GOSH DARN CUTIE.” Some-times you just need a friendly being to sit on you, purr, and be glad you exist while you’re losing sleep over a thesis support paper and have alienated all your friends because you’re too busy to be social. Somehow this means cat memes and everything else cat-related has become much more appealing too.

2. Michael Belmore's work

I don’t think I knew I was obsessed with Michael’s artwork until earlier today. We have each other on so-cial media, so I often see his work peripherally and, as I was telling someone about how incredible it is, I realized I am always telling people about him and how stunning his work is. It radiates a sensitivity to the environment and the energy of things and being in a way that is indescribable.

3. Encounters at the End of the World

There’s something about the beautiful frozen poles of the planet that is appealing to me. I like to play this documentary by Werner Herzog with the volume off when I’m working on writing or similar tasks. I can glance up to stunning visuals of divers exploring underwater creatures and unbelievable documentation of light on ice and through rippling water. The film provides surreal insight into both human and non-human natures. Where these two overlap is irresistible to me.

4. Baths

OKAY, OKAY. But like, I have a bathtub in the place I’m living in for the first time in three years. I moved here two weeks ago and cleaning the shower (disgusting, of course) was a high priority. I have had two baths in the last five days. With bath bombs. Colourful, glittery, amazingly soothing smelling bath bombs.

5. Saffiya Khan

She has gone viral for a photo of her smiling nonchalantly and staying calm while a leader of a far-right group yells in her face. What’s most fantastic to me about this isn’t the viral photo, but how she has dis-cussed her experience. She wound up in the confrontational situation because she went to assist a wom-an in a hijab who had been surrounded by a group of anti-Islam protestors. In these times of political ten-sion across the globe, this willingness to stand by and support one another in the face of discrimination is something we all need to emulate.



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