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Jay Dart

Ashburn, ON
February 15, 2017

Jay Dart is a drawist who has recently begun creating mixed media installation pieces that bring his two-dimensional narrative works to life. He received a BA from the University of Guelph’s Fine Art program. His first public gallery solo exhibition, Greetings From Yawnder!, premiered at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa and featured over eighty drawings and installation pieces as well as a special edition Field Guide to Yawnder prepared for show. This exhibition is currently on display at to the Art Gallery of Sudbury until April 3. Some of the works from this show will be in his solo exhibition at Wallspace Gallery in Ottawa, which opens on May 6. Dart is represented by Galerie Youn in Montreal and will be included in their 5th Anniversary show also opening in May.

1. Adevnture Time

Much of my drawing time comes late in the eve when I can squeeze a few more work hours into the week, and nothing else gives my spirits a boost quite like the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. I just started watching this show last summer when I was putting in long hours to get ready for Greetings from Yawnder. The world they have created and the characters that inhabit it inspire me in many ways. If you ask me who my favourite character is I'd probably say the Ice King.

2. Father John Misty's Pure Comedy

I listen to a lot of music whilst drawing or commuting and I'm always looking for something new. Right now, I've got Father John Misty's newest single, Pure Comedy, on heavy rotation. I can't wait for the whole album to be released.

3. The Unknowns

I've been working on my Wanderer of Yawnder series for about ten years now and there always seems to be a new part of this world to explore. I've spent time in Elsewheres, Yawnder (Upper and Lower), Beyawnder, Somewheres, and Nowheres. And now I'm heading over to The Unknowns. I'm really not sure just what to expect, y'know.

4. Robyn O'Neil's Me Reading Stuff

I'm not a big podcast person, but I haven't missed many episodes of Me Reading Stuff. Robyn is one of my all-time favourite drawists and I love this podcast almost as much as her art. It's a short ten minute weekly episode where she rolls up her sleeve to expose her heart and share some poetry that inspires her in the hopes that it might inspire you too. No uppity boring poetry here.

5. Laurel Woodcock

Laurel was the most important teacher that I had in all my years of schooling and I was very sad to hear that she passed away last month. She provided some very instrumental wisdom and resources during those formative years of mine at the University of Guelph. I wish I could have been there for her memorial a couple of weeks ago to celebrate her life along with all of the other students, among whom I count many friends of mine, whose lives she touched as well.



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