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Erdem Tasdelen

February 08, 2017

Erdem Taşdelen’s multidisciplinary practice comprises a range of media including installation, video, drawing, sculpture, sound, and artist books. His diverse projects, characterized by a mordant humour, involve him in a reflective process that brings self-expression into question within the context of culturally learned behaviours. He has shown extensively internationally and across Canada, and currently has a solo exhibition titled Wild Child on view at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver.

1. Everywhere at the end of time

I am haunted by this recent release by The Caretaker, the first in a series of six based on the fictitious premise that The Caretaker (an alias for musician Leyland Kirby) has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. The series will chart the deterioration of mental faculties, “progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness.”
Stage 1 - September 2016
Here we experience the first signs of memory loss.
This stage is most like a beautiful daydream.
The glory of old age and recollection.
The last of the great days.

2. Juliette Binoche in Code Inconnu

I keep watching this scene from Michael Haneke’s 2000 film Code Inconnu over and over. In it, Juliette Binoche’s character Anne is auditioning for a film role with the director feeding her lines from off-screen. Binoche does an incredible job of acting acting, increasingly warming up to her role of being kidnapped. I am fascinated by how the two simultaneous realities, that of the audition and that of the kidnapping, seem to become indistinguishable towards the end of the scene.

3. Finding commonalities among authoritarian regimes

I don’t particularly enjoy doing this, but the only way I can try to make sense of the rise of authoritarianism in other countries is by retracing the actions of Turkey’s president Erdoğan and his ilk, since I’ve had the misfortune of monitoring the developments there quite closely over the years.

4. W1A

There are few things that have made me laugh as hard as this BBC comedy series in the past year. It’s shot as a fake documentary about a group of characters that work at the BBC headquarters, and does a brilliant job of satirizing contemporary office culture. Here’s a little preview. Very smart, yes; very good, very strong.

5. @congratsbot

This is a Twitter bot that notices when a user is receiving a large number of congratulations from other people and sends its own “congratulations!” message. You can click on the individual tweets and replies to view them, or just click on “likes” on the account page and see a stream of tweets. A strange but heart-warming activity when you’re not feeling great.



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