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Shuvinai Ashoona

Cape Dorset
June 02, 2009

Shuvinai Ashoona is currently exhibiting her drawings in a solo show at Carleton University Art Gallery and with Shary Boyle in Noise Ghost at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery in Toronto. A short film by Marcia Connolly (who interviewed the artist for this Hit List) accompanies the Noise Ghost exhibition.
Born in 1961, Shuvinai Ashoona began to draw in 1995. While never formally trained in graphic arts, the daughter of artists Kiawak and Sorosilooto, has been surrounded by art and artists all her life. Her grandmother is the renowned artist Pitseolak Ashoona and her aunt is Napachie Pootoogook. Shuvinai's work first appeared in the Cape Dorset annual print collection in 1997. She is represented by Feheley Fine Arts.

1. Movies

The hero types in some ways are my favorite - like Superman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four. It’s fun watching them fly around, watching the things that they would do to save the world. To save the world - funny. Sometimes they end up landing in my drawings. I like the old movies too: cowboy movies, love story movies. Frank is good to watch and Judy too.

2. Hiking

You can take a skidoo and go far away somewhere else or just slowly, hike up on top of the mountains, over the mountains… The view of it, a soft view that is so quiet that the whole world is out there somewhere else… When you walk on top of the mountains, over the mountains where there is no sign of the houses, something like that, that’s the view I like…. But I’m totally scared of catching a spot of an animal, that’s for sure. Like, I never want to see a polar bear when I’m walking with my camera, no.

3. My Camera

Walking around with my camera, filming things that are objective or things that are very, very small and get to be inside the camera just for a few seconds. I like when you get very close until the whole view is taken up with one small little object that can be such a beautiful thing inside your camera. I love that part for sure. I ended up filming icicles hanging from on top of the roof; when they took up the whole camera they were very beautiful…like icebergs.

4. Driving Around

Driving around, getting take-out hamburgers all wrapped up or pizza, on the way to the movies or on the way to the show…. Going on trips. I want to go on a road trip to Niagara Falls (maybe the next time I go to Toronto)… I’d like to see race cars, maybe then I’d get over my love of driving around, maybe really I’m a race car.

5. Scratch Tickets

‘Cause they’re unbearable, impossible to win. Like, there might be a couple of hundred billion bucks in there, but there’s probably none…The view of it is a little bit exciting, to see just by scratching it off, like it’s no fun trying to get the money, but it’s fun when it starts appearing, when the numbers start appearing, it’s highly excitable, especially when there’s no nothing else to do.



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