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Andree-Anne Dupuis Bourret

Chambly, QC
May 08, 2014

Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret has exhibited in Canada and abroad, including Martin Art Gallery (Allentown, PA), Open Studio Gallery (Toronto, ON), Design Space Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel), Parisian Laundry (Montreal, QC), Martha Street Studio (Winnipeg, MB), and Crane Arts (Philadelphia, PA). Her numerous artist books are widely shown and collected by such institutions as Berkeley University of California and the Art Institute of Chicago. After receiving the Gold Medal of the Governor General of Canada for her masters thesis project in 2011, she is currently working on a PhD in art studies and practices on print based installation at the University of Quebec in Montreal. She also teaches printmaking and writes two research blogs: Le cahier virtuel and Le territoire des sens. Her exhibition Proliferations is on display at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's until May 28.

1. Music

I listen to music every day: at home, in the studio, on the bus, in the subway. This is my drug! To give me energy when I screen print, I listen to the Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, St. Vincent, Arcade Fire, Architecture in Helsinki, and many others. For a job that requires concentration, I like Hauschka and Shostakovich. To sing alone (I sing very badly), I listen to French music like Jean Leloup, Georges Brassens, Les Colocs, and Lisa Leblanc. To relax, I like Alaska in Winter, Organ Mood, Devendra Banhart, and Ethio-Jazz master Mulatu Astatke.

2. The printmaking community

I love the printmaking community. Over the years, I have visited many print shops and met a lot of printmakers. They are always generous and happy to share their ideas! My favorite print studios and galleries are Atelier Graff and Arprim in Montreal, Martha Street Studio in Winnipeg, and Open Studio in Toronto. My favorite websites on print: Printeresting and People of Print.

3. Architecture and design models

Architecture and design inspire me. I am fascinated by the paper architecture of Yona Friedman and the invisible books of Bruno Munari. I like the idea that we can transform and create new spaces from a drawing and a few pieces of cardboard. This interest stems from my childhood when my father drew landscaping plans.

4. Books made by artists

I have a huge collection of artist's books and zines. I love it! My favorites: Julie Doucet, Simon Bossé, Pascaline Knight, Billy Mavreas, and Robert Pasternak. I also have a book by Richard Long and another by Lawrence Weiner – two influential artists for me. My favorite places to find new books in Montreal are Arprim, Monastiraki, Distroboto (a former cigarette machines which sells art), and Expozine (the annual exhibition of fanzines, comics, and small publishers). Every time I go to NYC, Printed Matter is my first stop!

5. Teaching

For the past few years, I have been teaching printmaking and bookbinding. The dialogue with my students is crucial to me. They always surprise me with their ideas. They keep asking basic – but essential – questions; in short, they renew my perspective about the craft. If you really want to learn something, teach it.



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