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New Fall Classes at the Spiral Movement Center

The Spiral Movement Center is a new studio opening this Fall in Toronto. It's mission is purely dedicated to the concept of bodymind re-education. Modern, non-denominational and emphasizing diversity, the Spiral Movement Center offers simple, universal learning techniques for people who wish to gain more awareness of their own individual potential. It is open to beginning and advanced students alike. And some of the classes will be of particular interest to artists.

The vision of the Spiral Movement Center is based on the re-education system, Spiral Praxis, developed and founded by somatic pioneers Stephanie Gottlob & Yuji Oka. Spiral Praxis is a natural way to accelerate the process of bringing conscious learning into the unconscious. The seeds of this bodymind work began with Gottlob & Oka's experience teaching children with severe special needs to re-learn basic body coordinations and skills as well as the extensive observations they made living in isolation in Nature. Working together for over 20 years, Gottlob and Oka discovered some radically simple methods to overcome mental and physical obstacles and purify the learning process.

Spiral Praxis is so named because it's system involves the exploration of spiral dialectics.These oscillatory states are organically found everywhere in nature – in the passing of night and day, in the rise and fall of temperatures, in the swaying to and fro of plants. Students of Spiral Praxis can learn how to control and harness the power of oscillating dialectical states and apply them to virtually any activity in life. Thus Spiral Praxis offers a new contemporary bodymind paradigm that can powerfully increase awareness and open a person to creative states of Flow.

Starting October 5, the Spiral Movement Center will offer classes and workshops that reflect the diversity of the applications of Spiral Praxis. The Center will host classes, taught by Gottlob and Oka, in the areas of spiral dance, creativity and improvisation, yoga, contemporary meditation, relaxation and bodywork, flow patterning as well as workshops and training seminars for students wishing to learn more about the underlying philosophy and methods.  One of the classes which will be of particular interest to artists is:

Creativity and Improvisation

In this class, participants will explore both meditations and group improvisations. They will approach the creative meditations from various artistic points of view - meditations on color, texture, meanings, and object relationships. After these guided meditations, participants will explore these creative insights together through structured improvisations. The purpose of these movement improvisations is to bridge the distance between pure inner impressions and concrete external expressions. Visual artists, actors, dancers, photographers, creative writers would particularly find these meditations and improvisations insightful and inspiring for their own individual work.

With the opening of this Center, the founders bring a unique and powerful contribution to the bodymind and art communities in the city of the Toronto, one that presents a new vision for bodymind re-education in modern contemporary living. For more information or to register for classes please visit their website at .

Location and Contact Information:
Spiral Movement Center
20 Leslie Street #206, Toronto, ON M4M-3L4
tel: 416-469-3569

Media Contact Information:
Stephanie Gottlob and Yuji Oka




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