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Fall Exhibitions at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery
601 3 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 0H4

September 28 to November 25, 2018
Opening Reception: September 29 | 8 PM to 10 PM


Althea Thauberger: Who Is It That Will Tell Me What I Am

Althea Thauberger’s practice has evolved from documentary photography, where her recognizably striking portraiture belies the tension of a connection with the subjects of her images and her immersion as photographer within the environmental context of the image. Her methodology of image-making has consistently transitioned to large-scale international theatrical and performance productions, in sites rife with historical and social complexity. Thauberger’s position as co-director and co-producer is dependent on the relationships forged with fellow actors and audiences, creating an opening for complex community narratives to be performed and witnessed.

The exhibition includes a new film produced in Saddar, a cosmopolitan neighbourhood within Karachi, known as the ‘City of Lights’ for its vivacious 1960s and 1970s nightlife. The area has been profoundly transformed by political and religious changes in the city and across Pakistan. Mad Mad Mad Mad Filmy World is an experimental film, and in essence a portrait of the Modernist-era screening house, the last in a line of historic cinemas along M.A. Jinnah Road in Karachi, burnt by a mob of protesters in 2012 to condemn a controversial Youtube video. The restored Capri Cinema is the setting for a community performance project, enacted by the cinema staff and patrons: layering the plot and denouement of the theatrical narrative alongside the personal and historical relationships to the site of the cinema, its social role in the city, and survival within its community.

Vivek Shraya: I Learned I Had A Body

Vivek Shraya’s solo exhibition features two recent works documenting her relationship to her own body and connection to her family. The exhibition includes her photography essay Trisha, a series of diptychs with Shraya reconstructing images of her mother from the 1970s. Shraya produced the series in a collaborative process with her peers, a photographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist who transformed Shraya in homage of her mother, a generation earlier.

Cindy Baker: Things I’ve Forgotten

Cindy Baker’s Things I’ve Forgotten explores the relationship between trauma, memory, and the body. This multi-part project is based on a very specific, mostly-forgotten memory, where the artist is three years old, riding her Big Wheel tricycle, and abducted by two young boys. Though this event is indelibly marked in Baker’s memory, she has no recollection of what followed after the boys’ initial taunts. Things I’ve Forgotten examines the tension between the ability of our brains to block out traumatic events from conscious memory, but their inability to prevent those events from impacting us into adulthood.

Two commercial LED signs display running text describe the artist’s vivid dreams, written down in the night. Because she forgets most of her dreams soon after recording them, revisiting them is a parallel experience to remembering a long-forgotten memory. An audio recording of Baker reading these dream descriptions is activated when she pedals an adult-sized Big Wheel tricycle along the pathways of Galt Gardens, as part of three scheduled performances on September 29, October 6, and October 13, 2018.


Southern Alberta Art Gallery | 601 3 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 0H4


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