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Ella Morton, Fuglefjorden, Lightjet print, 2016

CONTACT Workshops at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography

Gallery 44 workshops provide unique opportunities for artists in all stages of their careers to learn, create, connect and be inspired. We’re pleased to announce our suite of May workshops, presented in partnership with the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

Imagining Places: Alternative Approaches to Landscape Photography
Tuesday May 1, 6-9PM | $90 / $80 (Members)
This workshop will introduce participants to a range of techniques photographers can use to reinterpret their landscape images. Discussions around landscape photography’s importance in the present day will take place, examining the work of several contemporary artists against the backdrop of traditional landscape photography. Participants will work in the darkroom, experimenting with print manipulation processes such as photograms, selective development and chemigrams. Resources for additional techniques will be shared for working beyond the scope of the workshop.

Beyond the Flat: Photography as Sculpture
Saturday May 5, 12-4PM | $80 / $70 (Members)
This workshop is suitable for photographers, collage, installation and interdisciplinary artists as well as anyone interested in alternative photographic practices and the creative potential in degrading and manipulating the photographic object. Discussions around artists exploring interventions with the photographs will provide a foundation for the workshop. Participants will then begin the process of creating of a small work of art using their own imagery and techniques in a hands-on manner including: paper folding techniques, emulsion scratching and rubbing, precise cutting, excising and lifting and other destructive techniques.

Artist Residencies 101
Sunday May 6, 12-3PM | $65 / $55 (Members)
Residencies are a fantastic opportunity to challenge an artist’s practice in a manner that is stimulating and focused in a unique environment. Residencies provide the opportunity to travel and work in a new locale, to meet artists, curators and other cultural practitioners, and concentrated time for research, creation and reflection while accessing resources that can foster new work. This three-hour workshop will provide participants with an overview of the different types of residencies available, resources of where to look for a residency appropriate to one’s needs, and tools for putting together a strong application as well as avenues to explore when looking for funding. Participants are encouraged to bring past/current applications and/or a work sample of 10images and an artist statement to share with the group and receive personalized feedback.

Touching Other People’s Things
Tuesday May 8, 6-9PM | $50 / $40 (Members)
Starting from sets of photographs, texts, and assorted ephemera, participants will conduct archaeology-in-reverse by taking known things and making them unfamiliar, inscrutable, unknown or oblique. What agendas have to spring into action to turn a record-set into "an archive"? By what unarticulated algorithms does the image-circulator operate? And—most importantly—how can these be mined, undermined, undone or counteracted? A lesson in mash-up and re-mix for librarians and photo-nerds.

Wetplate Collodian
Saturday May 12, 10AM-5PM | $185 / $165 (Members)
Travel back to the mid-1800s and experience the magic in making tintypes and ambrotypes! This is an intensive, hands-on workshop participants will learn to make tintypes, ambrotypes, or glass negatives (all three can be done if desired). Participants will learn how to safely mix chemical formulas, pour, expose/develop their plates; through an enlarger instead of a camera!

Darkroom Basics: Shooting, Processing & Printing
Saturday May 19, 10AM-5PM | $200/ $180 (Members)
This hands-on workshop is intended for photographers interested in working with a 35mm manual camera, processing their own film and enlarging their negatives. Participants will learn introductions on camera basics; shooting, processing B&W film, making contact prints and 8"x10" enlargments in the darkroom! Film, chemistry and paper will be provided for this workshop. Please bring your own 35mm camera if available. Upon registration, please indicate whether you will need to borrow a camera.

Encaustic Photography
Saturday May 26, 11AM-4PM | $140/ $120 (Members)
In this workshop participants will learn how blending imagery with wax and various mediums opens up another world of artistic possibilities. Photographs will be printed on a matte absorbent paper as a foundation, which will be mounted onto a canvas or wooden substrate. Participants will paint the images with hot wax and other encaustic mediums using drawing products and various burnishing techniques to create depth and texture to the image.

Medium Format Tintypes
Sunday May 27, 10AM-5PM | $200/ $180 (Members)
Go back in time and photograph using medium format size plates in this medium format tintype workshop. Participants will make their own film by coating a plate with working collodion, sensitizing it in a solution of silver nitrate, and then exposing it in a medium format camera while still wet. They will then develop, fix, wash and finally varnish the plate. Participants will leave this unique historical photography workshop with a better understanding of the wet plate collodion process using a camera

Painting with Light
Monday May 28, 6-10PM | $70/ $60 (Members)
Participants can let their imagination run wild with this fun and playful class and learn step-by-step how to use handheld lights to create light painted images. Colours, textures and streaks of light are created by light painting tools in your photographs. Exposure times can range from a few seconds to a few hours.

Unstuck: Getting through your creative lull
Tuesday May 29, 6-9PM | $40/ $30 (Members)
Staying creative over the long term can be difficult. This workshop provides knowledge and tools to help you stay creative over the long term including research on creativity and creative, photo-based games and exercises that can be modified for any creative blocks you many face.

To register, please contact:
Leila Fatemi, Curator of Education and Community Outreach
416.979.3941 ext.2

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 120
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8
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