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Gladstone Hotel’s First International Artist Residency as part of Grow Op, April 18-22, 2018

Residency Created and supported by the Gladstone Hotel, in partnership with Artscape Gibraltar Point
Funded in part by Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts (TFVA) “Founders Achievement Award”
Grow Op 2018 Curators: LeuWebb Projects (Christine Leu & Alan Webb) with Lukus Toane

From left: Artwork by Emily Jan; Artwork by Adrian Stimson.

Gladstone Hotel’s annual Grow Op Exhibition
Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON

April 18-22, 2018

Thurs April 19: 11am–8pm
Fri April 20: 11am–10pm (Opening Reception 7-10pm)
Sat April 21: 10am–9pm
Sun April 22: 10am–5pm

The Gladstone Hotel is pleased to present our first International Artist Residency at GROW OP: the Gladstone's annual exhibition of Urbanism, Landscape and Contemporary Art.

Beginning on Toronto Island (at Artscape Gibraltar Point) and then fully-realized in the Gladstone's 2nd floor Gallery, the residency welcomes Emily Jan (California, USA), and Adrian Stimson (Siksika / Blackfoot Nation, Alberta). The residency is specifically aimed at supporting the creative exploration and collaboration between a Canadian and an International artist in response to the curatorial theme for Grow Op 2018, After the Flood.

The creation and support of this residency is part of the Gladstone Hotel’s ongoing strategy to leverage intersectional contemporary programs to explore the exponential power of many people of different disciplines and experiences coming together to collaborate and have conversations.

Grow Op 2018: After the Flood is curated by Christine Leu & Alan Webb (of LeuWebb Projects) with Lukus Toane, and takes place at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel.


In searching for what will emerge once the proverbial floodwaters recede, we need to expand the vital, local conversations already taking place around landscape, climate and resiliency.

By welcoming two exceptional artists with singular practices to participate in this innovative new residency, we seek their prescient responses to these global challenges. With one voice originating from his living traditions on Turtle Island and the other drawing from her extensive fieldwork in South America, stunning possibilities await in the dialogue of Adrian Stimson and Emily Jan at the Grow Op artist residency program at Artscape Gibraltar Point studios on Toronto Island.



Emily Jan (California, USA):

Emily Jan is an artist who was born and raised in California, has travelled to 35 countries, lived in four, and now resides in Montreal. As a wanderer, naturalist, and collector of objects and experiences, she is guided in her work by the spirit of exploration, kinship, and curiosity.

Emily Jan creates intricately crafted, hyper-realistic installations made of a mixture of hand-made flora and fauna and found objects. These environments, like enterable museum dioramas, mix elements of high culture with low culture, science with mythology, and history with current affairs.

In her hands, common North American materials (wool, wicker, recycled cloth, found objects, and the ephemera of daily life) are transformed through labour-intensive processes. The creatures, wondrous and monstrous by turns, feel real but are entirely handmade. They are not taxidermy, but are emotionally believable to the point where they are often mistaken as such. In this age of mass extinctions and climate change, the importance of being able to envision places we may never see.

Jan will debut her new project, The World Is Bound By Secret Knots, a sculptural installation that grew out of the artist’s explorations, traversing the wilds of equatorial South America and then bringing those encounters and experiences back home and attempting to re-integrate them into her life in a North American metropolis.


Adrian Stimson (Alberta, Canada):

Adrian Stimson is a member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation and Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts recipient for 2018. He holds a BFA with distinction from the Alberta College of Art & Design and MFA from the University of Saskatchewan. His unwavering and critical Indigenous perspective animates a deeply expressive understanding of the traumas embedded within our landscapes. Weaving elements such as light, sound, water, clay, and petroglyph drawings, Stimson will explore Blackfoot mythology as it relates to creation stories and floods through a site-specific artwork featuring the construction of a "Buffalo Bull Boat", a round boat made from bison rawhide.

Stimson’s painting practise is primarily monochromatic, they primarily depict bison in imagined landscapes, they are melancholic, memorializing, and sometimes whimsical, they evoke ideas cultural fragility, resilience and nostalgia.

In his performance art practise, Stimson looks at identity construction, specifically the hybridization of the Indian, the cowboy, the shaman and Two Spirit being. Buffalo Boy, The Shaman Exterminator are two recurring personas.

His installation work primarily examines the residential school experience; having had attended three residential schools in his life. He has used the material culture from Old Sun Residential School on his Nation to create works that speak to genocide, loss and resilience.


Grow Op is an annual four-day exhibition that transforms the Gladstone Hotel’s second and third floor galleries with 30+ immersive installations that take on urbanism, environmental sustainability, landscape design and contemporary art. Each year the Gladstone invites diverse projects from collaborative teams and individuals that respond to landscape, species and habitat through installation, sculpture, performance and digital media. Grow Op was co-founded in collaboration with landscape architect Victoria Taylor and celebrates it's sixth anniversary in April 2018.

Grow Op 2018 Participants: Allison Home-Douglas + Bohden Tymchuk, Laura Berman, J. Damron, Dawn George, Emily Guo, Emily Jan, [R]ed[U]x Lab, Eureka League (Doug Donald, Claire Ironside + Ruth Spitzer), Teresa Mak, Annette Hegel + Deborah Margo, Jill Price, Hana Rotchild, Tammy Salzl, Lauren Schaffer, Adrienne Scott, Adrian Stimson, Ryan Phyper, Process (Nadia Galati, Jennie Suddick and Sara Udow), Claire Kurtin + Sneha Sumanth, Sean Tamblyn, Ryan Van Der Hout

Grow Op 2018 Jurors: Victoria Taylor, Landscape Architect, Grow Op Co-Founder; Karen Miranda Abel, artist; Ben Watt-Meyer, Landscape Architect; Andrea Mantin, Instructor and landscape architect.

Full exhibition info:
For Press Inquiries contact Tara McCallum:





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