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Call for Submissions

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The submission deadline for the competition has been extended to June 19th, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Figure 1: Concept View of the Main Memorial Area

To view all the competition details, please visit


The Holodomor Memorial project is a memorial to the victims of the Holodomor genocide. The site, located at 2 Strachan Avenue, will provide a gathering area for the Ukrainian Canadians of Toronto to host their annual commemoration services and a new contemplative space for the visitors and citizens of Toronto. The project will contain a series of installations on the site, each telling a part of the Holodomor story. The central focus of the Memorial is the iconic sculpture “Bitter Memories of Childhood” created by Ukrainian artist Petro Drozdowsky. It sits within the Main Memorial plaza, which serves as the primary gathering place for commemoration services. Connected to the Main Memorial plaza are a series of pathways that connect to three small ‘satellite’ gardens. These gardens are suggested as places to pause and reflect, creating a contemplative narrative that alludes to the cultural significance of symbols associated with the Holodomor genocide. Located within each garden is an ornamental metal screen, which is the focus of this call for submissions.

Figure 2: Proposed Site Plan of the Holodomor Memorial Site


For the Holodomor Memorial Ornamental Screen Competition, participants are tasked with designing three screens, each of which serves as a backdrop to one of the three millstone gardens. These ornamental screens serve to reinforce the theme and message of each connected garden (Remembrance, Resilience, Rebirth), and together create a narrative that commemorates the victims of the genocide and raises public awareness of the Holodomor genocide. Each of the ornamental metal screens should allude to cultural symbology that relates to the theme of each of the three millstone gardens. Examples of this cultural symbology include interpretations of traditional Ukrainian embroidered motifs, the Ukrainian Coat of Arms, and the Tree of Life.

Each of these three ornamental metal screens consist of two stainless-steel panels that are inset into an existing metal frame. The two metal frames are bolted between three vertical posts which are set on concrete foundations. Two ornamental stainless-steel screens will be mounted inside each metal frame. After the award of the project, the winning artist(s) will be asked to collaborate with a preselected local fabricator to finalize the design and construction of the screens. The method of fabrication will entail the cutting of a ¼” stainless steel plate to produce the awarded design.

Figure 3: Elevation of an Ornamental Metal Screen


  1. Design is to be cut solely out of ¼” stainless steel
  2. The artwork is not to exceed 1400mm x 1400mm
  3. Line thickness is to be a minimum of 12mm
  4. Openings in screen design are not to exceed 100mm
  5. Avoid the use of overly fine detail
  6. Highly durable, vandal resistant design that withstands outdoor Canadian temperatures
  7. Consideration towards appearance at night, when the screens will be downlit by LED lighting integrated within the frame of the metal screen
  8. Consideration towards view of the proposal from the front and back sides
  9. Aesthetic qualities that lend to the design and theme of each millstone garden (Remembrance, Resilience, Rebirth)
  10. Incorporation of Ukrainian symbology. This includes the incorporation of both a Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian Catholic cross into the design of the “Remembrance” garden screen


Before submitting proposals, participants are asked to register for the competition. For more information on how to register, please visit


The competition calls for the submission of designs for the three ornamental metal screens. Artists may choose to submit designs for one, two or all three screens. All the drawings and text for each screen design must fit on a single 18”x 24” panel. Submission requirements for each screen design include:

  1. The name of the millstone garden where the screen is set (Remembrance, Resilience, Rebirth)
  2. An elevation showing the design of the two metal panels for each of the three metal screens
  3. A brief description of the design intent of each of the three metal screens, maximum 500 words
  4. Other illustrative materials at the artists discretion (optional)

After registration, participants will receive a four-digit number. This number must be placed at the bottom right hand corner of every board they submit in size 36 font. The inclusion of the number on the board will ensure that the selection process is anonymous. Submissions that fail to include this number will not be considered for evaluation. Participants names must not appear anywhere on the boards.

After registration, each participant will receive access to a Dropbox folder. A separate .pdf or .jpg file for each design proposal must be uploaded to this folder by Tuesday June 19th, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. Proposals submitted after this date will not be considered for evaluation.


Following the submission of the design proposals, one winner will be selected for each of the three metal screens. A single winner will be selected for each ornamental screen, yet the same artist may be awarded the design of multiple ornamental metal screens. The artist for the winning proposal of each ornamental metal screen will be awarded $5,000 CAD.

The competition jury panel will consist of five members. This includes three members of the Ukrainian community, one local artist, and one Exhibition Place representative. The competition technical advisor panel will consist of three members. This includes the preselected metal fabricator, a representative from Brown and Storey Architects Inc, and a representative from the City of Toronto.

The announcement of winning submissions will take place around June 30th, 2018.


All questions are to be submitted by email to the email address. When submitting a question, please write “Holodomor Memorial Design Competition Question” in the email subject line.





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