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March 23 – April 30, 2018
2018 Georgian College 3rd Year Graduation Exhibitions
Bronwen Barry, Justin Cosman, Rachel Hamel, Zhuangyuan (Zoey) Lin, Nora MacNay, Ryan O’Connor, Wendy Reid, Nicholas Rodrigo & Andy Vail

The staff and faculty of Georgian College would like to congratulate the 3rd year Fine Arts cohort for their commitment to a rigorous program and their respective practices. As these emerging talents head out into an ever-changing world of innovation and business, we invite you to come help celebrate their achievements by attending a wonderful line up of exhibitions showcasing the visual explorations manifested and synthesized during their college experience. Georgian College would also like to thank the extraordinary owners and operators of local businesses and art venues who continue to support the program by allowing our students to showcase their work out in the community.

March 23 – April 30
Reactive Abstraction: Ryan O’Connor & Andy Vail
The Brownstone Cafe, Orillia, Ontario

Dealing with themes of isolation, relationships, unwell-being and the celebration of life's wretchedness, Ryan O’Connor’s utilizes mark making as a method of self-preservation, meditative release and future contemplation. Wrought with crude chemistry between the unconscious and the unhealthy, each reflexive drawing expresses a mesh of mental emotions amidst visualizations alluding to the physicality of flesh. Finding form within formlessness and content from thoughtlessness; it is here where the unnatural comes naturally. – where creativity and destructivity dance in unending conflict.

Manipulating forms and colour out of chaos, Andy Vail’s expressive paintings and drawings are comprised of biomorphic shapes and organic lines found in the structures of nature. Building out of quick reactions, his process embraces accidental occurrences as a sign to shift progress in a new direction and bring the image to a point where the viewer may have more questions than answers.

March 24 - April 7
Justin Cosman: We Decided to Take the Long Road Home
Art in House, Barrie, Ontario
Hours of Operation, Wednesday - Friday 10 - 2:30, Saturday 10 - 5

Focusing on the intersection of sculpture and painting, Justin Cosman’s mixed media assemblages serves as physical documents of his visceral process. Celebrating all that is reclaimed, abject and irregular, Cosman’s constructions visualize the play and freedom that comes with using the discarded and forgotten.


March 29 – April 8
Becoming: Nora MacNay & Wendy Reid
MacLaren Art Gallery, Molson Room, Barrie, Ontario

Shaped by the animated fairy tales of her childhood, Nora MacNay creates dry point and woodblock prints out of a sense of nostalgia for these moments. Exploring the mythos such stories as Thumbelina, Baba Yaga, and The Last Unicorn, MacNay generates new characters and narratives that explore issues of identity and gender. MacNay also explores costume making as a way to respond to imagery within her print based work, often creating life-size outfits for characters visualized in her expanded storylines. With this growing collection of stories, prints, and costumes, MacNay aims to generate a sense of nostalgia within the viewer, so that they too may enjoy the tales held close to her heart.

Wendy Reid is an emerging multi disciplinary artist that strives to serve as a strong female role model and advocate for women while exploring the figure and identity through organic life forms. Actively experimenting and creating in the round to express deep emotion through the mediums of clay, oil and acrylic, Reid draws inspiration from her extensive career as a nursing specialist to examine where anatomy and art collide. Often abstracting form, space and light, Reid’s Becoming series hints at portraiture, perhaps even self-portraiture, as she transitions from her life as a nurse specialist to that of helping others through art.

March 31 – April 1
Bronwen Parry: Horns
148 Mill Street, 2nd Floor (Above Affairs Café)
Creemore, Ontario

Inspired by where the fantastic, humour and the unsettling come together, Bronwen Parry is deeply interested in the healing properties of art. Using her practice as a means of self discovery and escape, images are often embedded with the dark humor that is life. Both illustrative and emotive, Parry’s drawings and paintings of feminine beasts personify her fascination with horror and fantasy while providing a release for the anger that accompanies adulthood. Her screaming faces and full figure compositions also visualize the confidence and power she draws from her own womanly frustration.

April 6 - 8
Wildly Human: Rachel Hamel & Zhuangyuan (Zoey) Lin
Double Door Gallery, Anten Mills, Ontario

Examining her subject matter through both drawing and painting, Rachel Hamel explores the gaze of animals through the rendering of textural and other formal details. Hamel’s careful examination of Canadian wildlife works to acknowledge the connections, and perhaps even the relationships between animals and humans.

Zoey Lin is a contemporary artist also interested in relationships between humans and animals. While paying particular attention to the details and textures found in nature. Lin’s work uses humour and whimsy to animate human emotions and characteristics through the depiction of wild life.

April 9 - April 20, 2018
Nicolas Rodrigo: Transcending Material
Location: TBD

Resurfacing from a traumatic car crash in 2017, Nicolas Rodrigo’s third year exhibition presents a series of intimate and narrative works that have evolved during moments of reprieve from anxiety and from meditations on existence, death, family, and consciousness. Studying the evolution of religions, life, the Earth, and atoms while on his path to recovery, Rodrigo’s meticulously executed drawings strive to share his new insights by visually synthesizing spiritual and scientific thought thereby painting a picture of the universe endlessly rebirthing body and soul – along with our place in it.

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