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Dan Hudson, Atlas, lenticular photograph, Angell Gallery

Under The Sun – First Canadian Place Lobby

CURATOR: Kelly McCray

Clara Bacou, Robert Kananaj Gallery
Cara Barer, Bau-Xi Photo
Mathew Borrett, Red Head Gallery
Thomas Brasch, Akasha Gallery
Adam Colangelo, Workman Collective
Camille Jodoin-Eng, Artworks Consulting
Dan Hudson, Angell Gallery
Siwa Mgoboza, Matter Gallery
Steven Nederveen, Bau-Xi Photo
Sarah Phelps
Jane Roos, Jane Roos Gallery
Jade Rude
David Salazar
Joanna Strong
Jennifer Walton, Abbozzo Gallery
Cybele Young, Forum Gallery, NY &LA

FCP Lobby: Under The Sun
FCP Gallery: Winter; Under The Sun
100 King St West, Toronto

March 19 – April 6, 2018
Opening Reception: March 20, 1:30 – 5:30
Please call the FCP Events Office at 416.862.8138 to ensure that the Winter; Under The Sun exhibition is available for viewing in the gallery or any questions regarding the Under The Sun lobby exhibition.

Artist Talks:
Space of Intuition, Camille Jodoin-Eng, March 19, 12:15 - 1 pm, FCP Gallery
Starting Your Art Collection, Kelly McCray, FCP Curator, Blake Zigrossi, Abbozzo Gallery, March 26, 12:15 - 1 pm, FCP Gallery
Communicating Through Animal, David Salazar, April 4, 12:15 - 1pm, FCP Gallery

Under The Sun is derived from the idiom "everything under the sun" and refers to everything that “is possible” or everything one can possibly imagine. Artists in the exhibition directly or indirectly reference the ephemeral sphere that impacts our very existence: a sphere upon which we depend to nurture our cultural forces, our creative impulses and the capacity to live our lives.

Referencing his South African Hlubi heritage, Siwa Mgoboza’s vibrant self-portraits arise from his alternative society, Africadia, and respond to the prejudices and “heat” of South Africa, while Clara Bacou’s Lions of Zion morphing animations merge multiple cultures and were produced to go on tour with the Bob Marley Family.

Siwa Mgoboza, The Department of Afrocorrectional Services II, inkjet print, Matter Gallery

Similar to Bacou’s animation, Dan Hudson’s two lenticular photographs fluctuate between night and day in Galaxy City and the four seasons in his Atlas image depending on how viewers physically move in front of the work. Drawing viewers into his fathomless world of digital sensation, Mathew Borrett’s Ancient Mars envisions an extraordinary planetary life form while Camille Jodoin-Eng lures viewers deep into a shining abyss through her reflective light box surfaces.

Relating to the psychology of current events, Joanna Strong’s paintings of entwined rubber bands convey an “entangled” sphere, while Thomas Brasch’s circular form burns with elements that convey a striking resemblance to heat flares bursting from the sun’s surface.

Bringing us back to earth, Cara Barer’s photograph, Manhattan, employs an aged New York city yellow pages to create a wilted flower shape that compresses one of North America’s largest commercial listings, while Cybele Young’s intricate sculptural paper pieces smolder electric energy through whimsy and play. In direct contrast, Jennifer Walton’s canvases of blazing flames, reminds us of recent environmental developments that have scorched the earth’s fragile surface and Jane Roos paintings pay homage to the vulnerable animal kingdom.

Drawing from the earth’s natural resources, Adam Colangelo’s oxidized metal surfaces reflect shimmering light while Jade Rude’s sculptural forms wind up the wall, scaling for the sun. Steven Nederveen and Sarah Phelps canvases allude to energy released from the silent orb while David Salazar’s birds roost in anticipation of changing climate conditions.

The FCP Gallery exhibition, Winter: Under The Sun coincides with the Under The Sun FCP lobby exhibition and propels viewers through the Antarctic and Labrador to the seasonal frigid grip of the Canadian interior. The Winter Sun grasps the seasonal conversion through a group show of artists from Abbozzo Gallery, including David Blackwood, Arnold Zageris and Jennifer Walton. Between the two FCP seasonal exhibitions, we welcome you to bathe in the power of our sustaining planet.

Clara Bacou, Lions of Zion video still, Robert Kananaj Gallery





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