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Call for Submissions

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Supercrawl 2018 Call for Artist Submissions
Visual Art Installations

Deadline: February 16, 2018

Paradise Mirage by Sandi Hartling at Supercrawl 2017

What Are We Looking For?

Supercrawl is a free annual outdoor art and music festival in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, and the Supercrawl Art Committee is excited to release its Call for Artists for 2018. Every year, Supercrawl issues a call for artist proposals that create creative, compelling and unique environments and experiences for festival-goers. Projects by local, regional, national and international artists are selected based on artistic merit, originality, and ability to integrate within the festival's scale, spirit and energy. The festival has showcased works in a variety of media, including projects by Dean Drever, Zeke Moores, Sean Martindale, BGL, Kelly Mark, Kim Adams, Sonny Assu, Max Streicher, Susy Oliveira, Jaime Angelopoulos, José Luis Torres, Shelley Niro, and many others. The goal of the festival's Visual Art Committee is to select contemporary visual art pieces that will enhance the overall Supercrawl experience. The Committee invites artists working in a wide range of creative disciplines to propose works for installation as part of this year's event, taking place September 14-16, 2018.

The Committee is interested in seeking proposals in the following areas:

  • Identification of distinct Art Zone (i.e.: entryways, banners, etc.)
  • Installation art
  • Sculpture
  • Performance art
  • Public interventions


Proposals must consider public safety and visibility, and the piece must be able to be safely performed or executed outdoors with large crowds present at all hours and weather conditions, and will remain impactful during both the daytime and night-time hours of the festival.

  • Artists working collaboratively is permitted. (Collaborative implies that more than one artist has worked on the piece being submitted.) Please choose ONE artist's contact information for communication purposes.
  • Work must be original, current and completed within the past ten (10) years.
  • Artists are responsible for ensuring that there are no copyright issues or other legal issues attached to images used or the subjects of their commission.

Fees & Resources

Each project selected will be allocated an artist’s fee (in line with CARFAC schedules) and production budget. Costs such as travel and accommodation, where necessary, may be covered and will be addressed on an individual basis. Production assistance may also be available. Supercrawl will also be assigning significant resources to promotion of the event and selected artists leading up to the festival, and during the event. The festival will provide schedule signage, produce posters and handbills, and include programming details both in printed materials and on the Supercrawl website. Audiences are estimated at approximately 50,000 to 75,000 people over the duration of the performance day.

Dates & Location

Works will be featured throughout the festival weekend (September 14-16, 2018) and installed in Supercrawl's Art Zone located along James Street North between Cannon Street and Robert Street. In addition, the Committee is actively seeking works that can be installed within the following context:

  • Mural frame on south side of 118 James St. N., Hamilton, ON

Submission Package Requirements

  • Artist's statement – conceptual statement on the work (150 words maximum);
  • Practical explanation of the work (i.e.: scale, materials, methods, et cetera). Provide an installation plan including time required and technical/logistical requirements, as well as cost considerations;
  • Three images/stills/sketches of the proposed work, supported by 3-5 images of previous work relevant to the proposed project (JPEG, maximum 72dpi, no larger than 768 x 1024 pixels). An accompanying image list should include title, year, medium, and dimensions for all images;
  • A clip, link or digital copy of any video (10 minutes maximum), if applicable;
  • A statement as to whether the proposed work has been exhibited before. If so, please include details as to where and when; and
  • CV including mailing address, phone number and email contact information.

The Supercrawl Art Committee is open to creatively diverse work that has large-scale visual impact and responds to the streetscape of the event. Artists and their work will be identified and publicized as official Supercrawl curatorial selections during the event, on the Supercrawl website and in select media releases. Artists will be required to sign a contract with Supercrawl Productions Inc.

Submissions should be sent via email to:

Subject line: Your_Name_Supercrawl_Art_2018
Deadline for submissions: Friday, February 16, 2018 at 4:00pm Eastern

Late submissions will not be considered. Successful applicants will be contacted in March 2018.

About Supercrawl

A driven team of Hamilton artists and community builders founded Supercrawl in 2009 with a view to showcasing great music alongside an entire street of cultural experiences — a diverse and dynamic lineup of music, art, fashion, performance, talks, crafts, food and fun (local, regional national and international).

Since its inception, Supercrawl has captured the imagination of culture lovers far beyond the city, drawing visitors from across Canada and around the world. The event has gone from a one-day celebration on a single city block to a weekend-long experience spanning more than a dozen blocks, with attendance growing steadily from 3,000 to 220,000 in that time. In 2017, Supercrawl expanded the festival’s physical footprint (covering 17 city blocks) as well as its programming and production ambitions, and will build upon that foundation yet again in 2018, the festival's tenth anniversary season.

Supercrawl was shortlisted for a 2017 Canadian Tourism Award for Event of the Year, received the 2015 Ontario Tourism Award of Excellence for Tourism Event of the Year, and has been recognized as one of Festival and Events Ontario's Top 100 Festivals/Events (2015-2017).






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