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Infrastructures and Aesthetics of Mutual Aid
Circuit 3/5 of Take Care
November 20–December 9, 2017
Curated by Letters & Handshakes
Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga

The Sustenance Rite
Curated by Lauren Fournier
Anthea Black, Thirza Cuthand, Erika DeFreitas, Petrina Ng, Zoë Schneider, Kara Stone, Evan Tyler, Justice Walz, Jessica Lynn Whitbread

MKV: Credit River Immersion

Circo Zero
Turbulence (a dance about the economy)

Performers: Laura Larry Arrington, Ruairí Donovan, Empress Jupiter, keyon gaskin, Keith Hennessy, Jesse Hewit, Jassem Hindi, Jorge de Hoyos, Shaista Latif, Emily Leap, Allyson Mitchell, Julie Phelps, Brian Solomon, Gabriel Todd, Ravyn Wngz

Reclaiming self-care and enacting new practices of mutual aid are not separate tasks but reciprocally constituting responses to the crisis of care. Rather than abandon self-care to upmarket consumerism or dismiss it as a supplement to hyper-productivity, Take Care’s third circuit, Infrastructures and Aesthetics of Mutual Aid, retains a commitment to a resistant concept of self-care: it opens space for autonomous determinations of care, it defiantly performs the precarization of labour and life, it rehearses temporary communities of support, and it hosts rituals of communication between artist and audience through which the gallery is refigured as a site of mutual aid.
– Letters & Handshakes



FREE Contemporary Art Bus Tour
Exhibition tour to Blackwood Gallery, Oakville Galleries, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
Sunday, November 19, 12–5pm
Featuring a special tour of the Blackwood Gallery led by guest curator Lauren Fournier
To RSVP: email or call 905-828-3789 by Friday, November 17 at 5pm.

MKV: Credit River Immersion
Nine private ceremonies will be offered by Radiodress between November 20 and December 3

For more information about this project, please visit our website.

Reader-in-Residence Session with Art Metropole
Public reading by Lisa Myers
Wednesday, November 22, 12–1pm
Blackwood Gallery

Dames Making Games
Workshop with Kaitlin Tremblay
Thursday, November 23, 9–11am
Communication, Culture, Technology Building, University of Toronto Mississauga

A workshop with Kaitlin Tremblay on the intersections between mental health, body theory, feminist advocacy, and game creation, presented in collaboration with CCT405: Ethics and Code, a course taught by Professor Tero Karppi in the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (UTM).

Turbulence (a dance about the economy)
Circo Zero
Friday, November 24, 8pm
Saturday, November 25, 8pm, followed by a post-performance open discussion
Collective Space
221 Sterling Road, Unit 5, Toronto

For tickets and more information about this performance, please visit our website.

Feminist Lunchtime Talks
Mapping Informal Networks of Women Living with HIV
Jessica Lynn Whitbread and Mercy Lillian Gichuki
Wednesday, November 29, 12–2pm
Blackwood Gallery
Presented in partnership with Women and Gender Studies (UTM)

Tea Time: Mapping Informal Networks of Women Living with HIV (2011-present) is a transnational, community-building, cross-media project organized by Jessica Lynn Whitbread that functions as an interpersonal space for women with HIV to network, self-advocate, and share their experiences. Mercy Lillian Gichuki will respond to Whitbread’s project in relation to her experience in the public health sector, working with women living with HIV, survivors of gender-based and sexual violence, newcomers, refugees, and non-status women. Gichuki works from an anti-oppressive, integrated feminist lens with a deep understanding of the many intersections that women face.

Tea Time: Mapping Informal Networks of Women Living with HIV
Facilitated by Jessica Lynn Whitbread
Blackwood Gallery
Private event, only open to women with HIV

On December 1, World AIDS Day, Jessica Lynn Whitbread will host a private tea party in the Blackwood Gallery. Each woman is invited to bring a teacup and a letter that they have written, which they exchange for a teacup and a letter brought by someone else. Though it takes place in the institutional space of UTM, the tea party makes space for privacy, confidentiality, intimacy, and communion between women living with HIV.


For more information about the artists, curators, and program participants, and for detailed descriptions of each exhibition and event, please visit our website.


September 11, 2017–March 10, 2018
Curated by Letters & Handshakes
Encompassing a five-part exhibition series, performances, and workshops, Take Care mobilizes more than 100 artists, activists, curators, and researchers confronting the crisis of care. Take Care unfolds as a series of exhibitions organized around five circuits of care.

Labour of Curation, September 11–30, 2017
Care Work, October 16–November 4, 2017
Infrastructures and Aesthetics of Mutual Aid, November 20–December 9, 2017
Stewardship, January 8–27, 2018
Collective Welfare, February 12–March 10, 2018


The Blackwood Gallery gratefully acknowledges the operating support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the University of Toronto Mississauga.

The Blackwood Gallery is grateful for additional support for Infrastructures and Aesthetics of Mutual Aid from the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (UTM); Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts; University of Toronto Affinity Partners Manulife, TD Insurance, and MBNA; USArtists International, a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; Women and Gender Studies (UTM).

The Blackwood Gallery and Letters & Handshakes are indebted to mutual aid and knowledge-sharing. Brandy Leary, Supriya Nayak, Danny Russell, Danielle St-Amour, Joan Simalchik, and Alley Wilde helped make Circuit 3 happen.


Blackwood Gallery
University of Toronto Mississauga
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6
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Gallery Hours
Monday–Friday: 12–5pm
Wednesday: 12–9pm
Saturday: 12–3pm

The Blackwood Gallery promotes LGBTQ2 positive spaces and experiences and is barrier-free. The gallery is FREE and open to the public.

Image credits:
Radiodress, MKV (ceremony documentation), 2016. Presented as part of the Centre for Incidental Activisms #3 at the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU). Photo: Katherine Fleitas. Courtesy the artist.

Justice Walz, Anxiety Escape Kit (detail), 2017. Courtesy the artist.





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