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The Captain from Köpenick, original handwritten Revue lobby card. Photo: Jutta Brendemühl

Déjà Revue – German Films from the 1950s

Presented by the Goethe-Institut
August 24 + 25 + 27

Did you know that Toronto’s Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles Avenue was the go-to place for the German community after WWII? They showed the ever-popular Heimatfilms coming out of Germany in the 1950s and 60s – mostly escapist musicals & romcoms, but also social dramas featuring star actors and some of the best directors of the time. The Goethe-Institut dug three of those classics out of the Goethe-Institut’s own 35mm archive to show you as a one-time “Déjà Revue”.

August 24, 7pm: The Captain from Köpenick (1956) by Helmut Käutner
Heinz Rühmann, perhaps the best known German actor of the 20th century, stars in the role of down-on-his-luck ex-convict shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt, who impersonates a Prussian officer, holds the mayor of a small town to ransom, and successfully "confiscates" the town's treasury. Based on a true story, “The Captain from Köpenick” is a still topical satirical commentary on the cult of the uniform, blind obedience to authority, and an individual’s struggle against state bureaucracy. The film was Germany’s 1957 Oscar nomination.
Introduced by Jutta Brendemühl, Program Curator of the Goethe-Institut Toronto & Eric Veillette, Programming Director of the Revue Cinema

“A remarkably well played tragicomedy, lightened by comical moments and warm humour.” – Lexicon of International Film

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August 25, 7pm: The Sinner (1951) by Willi Forst
Former prostitute Marina falls in love with Alexander, a failed painter who is suffering from a brain tumor that leaves him blind. To finance an operation for Alexander, Marina tries to return to her old trade. Singer-actress Hildegard Knef had her breakthrough with the controversial role of Marina in the most scandalous film of 1950s German cinema, which broke taboos in its portrayal of nudity, suicide and euthanasia.
Video introduction by Simone Paget, nationally syndicated sex and relationship columnist for the Toronto Sun

“A unique masterpiece of ‘ultra-realism’, an exciting story about mutual give and take, about sex and feelings, cool self-determination and complete self-abandonment – it froths like sweet champagne and goes to the audience’s heads, leaving them pleasingly intoxicated.” – KinoTageBuch

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August 27, 4pm: Teenage Wolfpack (1956) by Georg Tressler
Berlin in the 1950s. No longer able to stand the petty bourgeois tyranny of his father, 19-year-old Freddy leaves home and is drawn into the a shadowy world of delinquency and heated sexual rivalry. In order to assert himself as gang leader and to prove his virility, Freddy breaks into a villa. When he is surprised by the owner, the situation escalates. In this finely crafted thriller laced with provocative social commentary, lead actor Horst Buchholz firmly established himself as the “German James Dean”, the young and rebellious mod rocker who embodied a new, Americanized West Germany in the 1950s.
Introduced by DJ and community worker John Caffery, who engages art in social change

“Motivated by the success of American models like REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, this film is characterized by shots in original locations and uncompromising representations of the young rebels’ behaviour. No subsequent remake succeeded in expressing the seriousness and quality of the original.” – Lexicon of German Film

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All films screen at the Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON
With English subtitles; open to audiences 18+
Tickets $9 - $12 through Revue Cinema, online or at the box office, opening 30 minutes prior to the start of each screening.

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Program & Media Contact:
Jutta Brendemühl
Program Curator
Goethe-Institut Toronto






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