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Gallery TPW Launches Silver Editions 2017

Gallery TPW’s Silver Editions returns with a new portfolio of photographic works by Mark Ruwedel, Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge and Nadia Belerique.

Silver Editions 2017 was unveiled on June 7th at an exclusive Collector Member's reception at Gallery TPW with talks by Brian Sholis, Annie MacDonell and Robyn McCallum.

Now in its twelfth year, Silver Editions provides art lovers and collectors alike with a rare opportunity to acquire a set of carefully curated, yet affordable photographic prints. The artworks brought together for Silver Editions 2017 demonstrate the breadth of contemporary photographic practice and the varying approaches artists employ when engaging political subject matter. Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge have worked for decades to disavow ambiguity in their work, collaborating not only with each other but also with labour unions and social justice movements to offer critical commentary on the world’s imbalances of power. Their contribution is a photograph made early in their career that elaborates this commitment. Nadia Belerique, two generations their junior, takes a contrasting approach. Her carefully constructed image posits ambiguity as a method for avoiding the constraints of identification and quantification. The methods by which she made the image and the interpretations she sanctions are deliberately opaque. Mark Ruwedel’s photograph is the one most in line with conventional notions of art photography. It evokes nineteenth-century American landscape photographers and post-Minimalist and Conceptual artists of the 1970s. Yet his work also offers commentary on a politicized subject: myths of the American West and the complicated relationships between people and place they encourage. These artists’ disparate relationships with their subject matter and their varying approaches to making pictures confirm the vitality and pliancy of photography today.


Mark Ruwedel, Lucerne Valley #24, 2007/2017

Mark Ruwedel has photographed landscapes in Canada and the United States for more than three decades. This image, from his series Desert Houses, is part of the artist’s sustained meditation on the perpetual negotiation between people and places. It depicts an abandoned house in the desert regions east of Los Angeles, an area layered with both cultural and natural histories. The image testifies to the impulse to create a home in the wilderness, however transitory, and points to myths of the West that have driven American expansion throughout its history.


Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge, ‘S’ from Art is Political, 1975

This photograph is excerpted from a series of nine entitled Art Is Political. The images depict Condé and Beveridge in dialogue as they dramatically stage their own transformation from participants in a rarified art market to contributors in a socially-engaged art community. We speak metaphorically of the “complicated dance” of such debates, which the artists have rendered literal through exaggerated poses; these are bodies in dialogue. A montage of performance and text, this image (and the series it comes from) is emblematic of a long and widely admired career spent working collaboratively to shape and narrate social justice movements and workers’ struggles


Nadia Belerique, Buoys 3, 2016

Nadia Belerique’s Buoys 3 is part of a larger body of work exhibited under the title “Bed Island.” Those two words suggest the contradictory feelings of intimacy and isolation, which characterize this image of objects floating in an indeterminate space. The unusual perspective—items such as a shoe and a beer bottle are seen from below—and the imposition of a semi-opaque sheet of plastic accentuate this unfixed quality, which implies movement and impermanence. The objects corralled here may soon slide into a different arrangement or be replaced altogether, an apt metaphor for the fluidity of both identity and psychological states.


Silver Editions is produced in an edition of 23 with 20 sets released for sale. A limited number of sets remain available at the introductory price of $1,650 per set.

Silver Editions 2017 sets can be purchased in person or by phone. Purchases can be secured with a deposit of $500 with the remaining balance due prior to delivery. Please contact Brian Sholis at 416-645-1066 or by e-mail at for all sales related inquiries.


Prints from prior sets are available for purchase individually as Silver Singles. For the first time ever, last year’s Silver Editions 2016 set is now available individually, featuring works by Elizabeth Zvonar, Duane Linklater, and Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin. Please visit our online store for more information.


Gallery TPW would like to thank the participating artists and their dealers: Gallery Luisotti, Yossi Milo Gallery, Olga Korper Gallery, Art45 and Daniel Faria Gallery.

Gallery TPW is extremely grateful to our Silver Editions sponsors: Circuit Gallery, Superframe, Toronto Image Works, and Jessie Lau Photography.

Gallery TPW
170 St Helens Ave
Toronto, ON M6H 4A1





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