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akasha art projects
INTERWOVEN - A group show featuring Thomas Brasch, Johnnie Eisen, Florian Holzinger and Sean Newman.

FCP Gallery
100 King St West, Toronto
Gallery hours: 11:30 – 3:00 PM, Monday – Friday

Hours are subject to change for private events. For viewing by appointment Monday to Friday, please contact the FCP Events Office at 416 862-6858 to ensure that the exhibition is available for viewing.

The FCP Gallery is located on the main level past Starbucks, in the corridor beside the Toronto Board of Trade.

MAY 9 – JUNE 10

Interwoven delves into themes of natural and manufactured patterns and textures. Curator Sonja Scharf of akasha art projects brings together four photo-based artist’s, each having a unique and distinct technique exploring a narrative around this visual complexity.

With compositions at times modest and meditative and at others, embellished and ornamental this exhibition culminates in a cohesive essay on this theme.

Thomas Brasch’s constructed orb shaped photographs are richly saturated in colour and distinct textures.

In the Oculus series his work explores the natural elements of water, flora and grasses, invoking the serenity of modern day Mandalas.

Within the same series, exploring the opposite spectrum, he manipulates his photographs of architecture to create spirographic and geometric like images that evoke modernity.

In his latest work Tapestry, Brasch explores the rich history of the Persian carpet and creates incredibly vibrant works by manipulating the photograph after selecting fragmented areas of the carpets to create pieces that are steeped in historical and distinctly rich patterns.

Johnnie Eisen’s contemplative photography basks in stillness and often explores the detailed natural environmental macrocosm.

In Eisen’s series, The Woods, the viewer is asked to step back and behold the dense and tangled tree landscape in all of it’s complexity. The intricate detailed interwoven nature of the trees in their natural environment plays again with the notion of patterns and texture.

Eisen’s latest series entitled Breath, explores fragmented details of individual tree barks often reminiscent of a birds eye view of the earth’s landscapes. The rich palette and patina of lichen and moss accentuates the work while layers upon layers of bark invite the viewer to delve into each image and discover the “breath” of each tree.

Sean Newman’s photo based camera less works are created not through the traditional use of the lens but rather through the manipulation of the film substrate itself. His tactile practice works with exposed but undeveloped film’s surfaces to create very contemporary images that invoke thoughts of charcoal or fine pencil drawings.

Newman’s False Memories explores and contemplates non-existent memories through the creation of manufactured textures upon the film plane. Lapsed, Newman’s latest work explores the dichotomy of positive and negative through the use of light and shadow, hard and soft textures to create graphic imagery that studies yin yang themes.

Florian Holzinger’s very contemporary photo based works combine the use of brilliant colour, light and constructed patterns often invoking optical illusions.

In Holzinger’s diptych Zeit (German) or Time, from the Vibrant Times series embraces dynamic and abstract hues transforming historical architectural shapes into multi coloured graphic modern day kaleidoscopes. From the 100 Abstraction series ordinary buildings are enveloped in rich patterns of vivid colours creating a synergy that questions what is the art and what is the architecture.

Image Credits: Johnnie Eisen, Thomas Brasch, Florian Holzinger, and Sean Newman.

akasha art projects
511 Church St, ste 200
Toronto, ON M4Y 2C9
Curator: Sonja Scharf

Under Scharf’s curatorial vision, akasha art projects exhibits Contemporary Photographic Art that has received accolades and critical attention. The gallery is committed to fine art photography exhibiting both emerging and established artists as well as hosting dynamic group shows that create dialogues around photography and art.





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