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Walnut Contemporary is pleased to present:


a group exhibition featuring the work of gallery artists:
Duarte Vitória, Julia Harris, Lumír Hladík, Silvija Saplys
and guest artists:
Agnieszka Foltyn, Ale Groen and David Perrett.

March 4 — April 15, 2017

Curated by Ibérina (Raquel) Vilhena

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 4th, 5pm — 7pm
Artists in attendance


"An alchemical mix of light and dark"

The concept for the CHIMERA group exhibition is seeded in a fairy tale. A modern bedtime story, which harbors all the classic components of a compelling narrative: an imaginary monster, darkness, creepiness and mystery. The lesser classic ingredients offer an ambivalent mix of zoophilia, transference and state-of-the-art biology. What an abundance of stimuli for artists invited to interpret, decode, annotate and explicate this unsettling and yet beautiful story. How does one re-vive and re-weave inconceivably distant destinations, doomed chimerical aspirations and improbable constructions? How does one depict the foggy glum of an unrealizable dream?

Chimera’s selected works offer a delightful curatorial blend of photography, video, drawing, painting and sculpture. However, we believe that on this special occasion, our group exhibition goes beyond the confines of art. It reflects on the complex, enigmatic and profoundly unexplored human alchemical mix of reasoning, longing and the subconscious.

Chimera was born on an autumn day from the pages of an “abandoned” book on the edge of an opportunity shelve in a neighbourhood bookstore. With a damaged cover, of humble dimensions, devoid of gaudy colors and any pretence, it unexpectedly reached the hands of the curator Ibérina Raquel Vilhena. Raven Girl stricken her as a disturbing approach to the intrinsic and complex emotions of the human being. Very quickly the reading of this book enticed the imagination of the curator and soon began to gain form. From interpretation to conception, this project took shape very fast. The participating artists had not to be “convinced” of the story’s merit. The enthusiasm was unanimous and contagious. The creative process evolved without any restrictions and with complete freedom and can now be witnessed until April 15 at Walnut Contemporary gallery."

The Gallery
Established in late 2012 in Toronto’s King West Village, Walnut Contemporary is a space created to connect world issues and cross-cultural artistic viewpoints.

Since October 2014 Walnut Contemporary appointed director Ibérina Raquel Vilhena's mandate has been to build a bridge to fulfill the gap between local and international art and create an identity for the gallery. Currently showing established and emerging artists from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the gallery emphasis is on uniting, celebrating, and making accessible these cross-cultural viewpoints.

“The conduit that Walnut Contemporary provides is one that celebrates the diversity of artistic viewpoints, like the diversity of our greater community and the world around us. It is our hope that we can strengthen the art community as well as the community at large through the art that we share. At Walnut Contemporary we like to think of ourselves as bridging worlds, breaking boundaries and achieving the impossible."

For more information, please contact:

Ibérina [Raquel] Vilhena
Director & Curator


201 Niagara Street [side lane entrance]
Toronto, ON
M5V 1C9

Wednesday to Saturday: 1pm to 6 pm
Monday to Tuesday: by appointment only