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Chto Delat's School of Engaged Art

Pedagogy, Otherwise: Essays at ArtsEverywhere

Education systems around the world are failing us. In the age of a global knowledge economy, the production of knowledge is becoming a financial enterprise and the logic of the market regulates every aspect of society, including how education is organized. We need to analyze the crisis of education in relation to the larger, self-reproducing, socio-economic and political crisis, which is also a crisis of the imagination. The primary focus of a new pedagogy, or a pedagogy otherwise, should be the promotion of learning that prepares us for an ecologically sustainable and socially just future.

The ArtsEverywhere series of essays edited by Alessandra Pomarico asks, can we imagine a non-hegemonic, post-capitalist framework for learning? How do we foster communities of learners? How do we support queries in solidarity? This space dedicated to pedagogy—in the larger context of conversations that ArtsEverywhere is providing—constitutes an additional platform for an organic, interdisciplinary, and intersectional reflection—a framework for an open, yet situated, discussion around what it takes today to "unfold learning societies" and to co-create "really useful knowledge."

Featured essays in the Pedagogy, Otherwise series:

Pedagogy, Otherwise. Series editor and co-curator of Free Home University, Alessandra Pomarico offers the philosophical underpinnings for her series on radical pedagogy.

Really Useful Knowledge. The Croatian curatorial collective What, How & for Whom provide a pedagogical context for their recent group exhibition, which featured a worldwide survey of work that "affirms the repoliticization of a crucial element of organized resistance and collective struggles."

Insurgent Learning and Convivial Research: Universidad de la Tierra, Califas by Manuel Callahan. Read about radical education practices that are "oriented to rebuilding the social infrastructure of community, re-learning the habits of assembly, and fostering anti-capitalist social relations."

In the Cracks of Learning (Situating Us). Alessandra Pomarico explores the intersection of language and capitalism with western educational practice in order to imagine new, radical spaces for learning together.

Multi-layered Selves: Colonialism, Decolonization and Counter-Intuitive Learning Spaces. In this essay Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti argues that we need to re-orient and expand our sense of self to recognize our complicity in colonial violence.

Alternative Institutions and Intimate Counter-Publics: Chto Delat’s School for Engaged Art and Rosa’s House of Culture. Jonathan Brooks Platt introduces us to Chto Delat, a close-knit group of young artists and intellectuals in St. Petersburg, Russia who are producing art that engages marginalized communities in a hostile political climate.

ArtsEverywhere considers art in relation to public space, economic dignity, community-building, urbanism, and rural dynamics. And it considers art in relation to systems of oppression, forms of struggle, and celebrations of difference. Several lines of inquiry that emerge frequently within ArtsEverywhere include Improvisation, Decolonization, Reconciliation, Indigenous Thought, Queerness, Feminism, Ecological Literacy, Artist Rights, Radical Pedagogy & Artistic Inquiry, Imaginative Thinking, and Economic Dignity.

ArtsEverywhere extends invitations to leaders, innovators, and critical thinkers in diverse fields and sectors. We wish to create open spaces for dialogue about the value that the arts bring to all aspects of our communities and societies—not only from the points of view of artists, cultural workers, and arts institutions, but also from the perspectives of policy makers, ecologists, mathematicians, children, city builders, social justice leaders, farmers, educators, activists, and so on.

Musagetes is an international philanthropic arts organization based in Guelph, Ontario. It is committed to making the arts more central and meaningful in peoples' lives, in our communities and societies.

Visit and immerse yourself in the conversations happening there. Follow us on Twitter @Arts_Everywhere and @MusagetesF.

To share ideas, propose collaborations, and submit work for consideration, contact:
(519) 836-7300 ext.103





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