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Close Readings
Hannah Black, Alvis Choi a.k.a. Alvis Parsley, k.g. Guttman, David Kelley, Radio Equals

Curated by Alison Cooley
January 14 - February 25, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 14, 2 - 5pm
Accompanying events listed below

What happens to critical distance when our internal noise, our debts, our anxieties, and our entanglements interrupt the process of being with an artwork? How can we maintain the political urgency of criticism when we are moved by artworks and deeply feel their effects on us? What do we do with the self-awareness of our own implication and entanglement? When artworks overflow and exceed methods that exist for talking about them in established, detached ways, how do we inhabit new ones that hold together our criticality, our feeling, and our recognition of the space between them?

Influenced by performance, conversation, and writing as modes of engaging with criticality and intimacy, Close Readings brings together practices whose insides and outsides are difficult to distinguish. These practices are by turns invested in uncovering the frailty of language, prodding at cultural anxieties and individual pleasures, excavating and refusing legacies, asking for tenderness, applying pressure, attending to the complications and vulnerabilities of being together while we are implicated—politically, socially, personally—by artworks and their demands on us. While some works illustrate a complex and subjective coming-to-terms with an artwork, an object, a person, or a history, others craft performative structures for facing our own entanglements, political commitments, and anxieties as spectators. Together, they trace the possibility of alternatives to detached observation, of a move from critical distance to critical closeness.

Accompanying Events:

Reading and Toronto Launch of It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it
Thursday, January 19, 7pm
A reading by k.g. Guttman from It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it followed by a conversation with curator Alison Cooley. It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it is an artist publication that documents conversations between Guttman and art historian, professor, and writer Nancy Ring. Guttman and Ring discussed the same questions during seven separate lunches shortly before Ring’s death in 2010. Cooley and Guttman will discuss intimacy, conversation, time, hospitality, and embodied criticality—issues that permeate both Guttman’s book and the exhibition. Presented in partnership with Art Metropole and featuring a selection of books for sale from its shop.

Radio Equals
Radio Equals, initiated by claude wittmann in 2014, consists of one-on-one conversations about equality in as egalitarian a way as possible. The hour-long conversations are broadcast live in the gallery on select dates and at They are not recorded; listeners are invited to be present in the gallery during the broadcasts. The conversations are designed as a relay, with each conversation partner inviting the next.

Saturday, January 21, 3pm: claude wittmann and Julian Higuerey Núñez;
Documentation by Alison Cooley

Saturday, February 11, 3pm: Julian Higuerey Núñez and (Julian’s guest);
Documentation by Yaniya Lee

Saturday, February 25, 3pm: (Julian’s guest) and (Julian’s guest’s guest);
Documentation by Genevieve Flavelle

Study Session: Touch
Wednesday, February 1, 7pm
Curator Alison Cooley will host a study session that examines touch, materiality, and spatializing critical presence within the gallery. The event is free and open to the public but registration is required. Contact to register and for PDFs of selected readings.

The Great Glassies Corporation Performance and Conversation
Saturday, February 18, 6pm
Alvis Choi a.k.a. Alvis Parsley will present The Great Glassies Corporation, a performance that speculates on the near future of race and identity. After the performance, Choi and artist Elisha Lim will address questions arising from their work: how do artists of colour talk about happiness, connection, and humanity? How do anti-racist communities care for each other in the face of developments like the racism that influenced the US election while acknowledging the precarity, burnout, and pain of activist labour? How do we avoid fighting white supremacy with other supremacies? What can art and performance do in a contemporary discourse about race that often repeats histories of crisis?

For more information contact:

Daniella Sanader
Installation and Communications Coordinator

Image credit: David Kelley, Primarily Domestic (detail), 2016. Two-channel video and colour photographs. Photo: Ruben Diaz. Courtesy of the artist.

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