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16th annual DEEP WIRELESS Festival of Radio & Transmission Art
presented by New Adventures in Sound Art
various venues in Toronto and South River, ON
Jan 17 - Feb 28, 2017

Deep Wireless is a month-long celebration of radio and transmission art including performances, installations, radio broadcasts, workshops and the TransX Transmission Art Symposium in Toronto and South River, ON.

“The experience of radio is no longer limited to the radio dial. The notion of transmission has become a platform for creative possibilities within which artists can explore new relationships between transmission and reception, artist and audience. This year’s Deep Wireless artists have moved beyond the confines of the radio dial to create works that question and document the nature of transmission while also addressing themes of communication and connection from a social point of view."— Darren Copeland, NAISA Artistic Director.


Deep Wireless opens with the annual ART’s BIRTHDAY Celebration!

January 17, 1 - 5 pm

The installation Carbon Sugar Air by Instant Places will be featured at 5:40 PM in an EBU Satillite broadcast hosted by Kunstradio in Vienna, Austria. In 2017 the EURORADIO Ars Acustica group will once again be sharing the international Art's Birthday Parties around the world and will celebrate the 1,000,054th birthday of art.

Launch of Deep Wireless 12 online Radio Art Comp on January 17th
NAISA will also be launching its Deep Wireless 12 online radio art compilation on Soundcloud. This special edition celebrates sixteen years of Deep Wireless by featuring a historical overview of past Deep Wireless performances and radio art works.


Sugar Carbon Air by Instant Places
January 17 - February 28
online audio installation

Carbon Sugar Air by Instant Places generates and broadcasts slowly evolving sound objects inspired by the natural forms and processes of lichen symbiosis. What is fascinating about lichens is their ability to adapt and thrive: they fashion collaborative partnerships in which photosynthesizing organisms generate sugars from atmospheric carbon dioxide to share with the substrate elements that give them physical form. Instant Places is comprised of Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh.

Transmissions by SubZeroArts
February 4 - 26, Saturday & Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm
NAISA North, 106 Ottawa Ave., South River, ON

Transmissions is a multi-point sound art installation that uses a collection of touch-sensitive antennae to trigger abstract sounds and tones, creating a unique sound environment for audience participants to explore.

Bread & Circuses by nichola feldman-kiss
co-presented by inter/access
February 16 - March 31, Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm
inter/access, 9 Ossington Ave, Toronto

Bread & Circuses by nichola feldman-kiss responds in real time to the geo-locative telling of world media narrative. The net artwork blends first person witnessing and global statistical accounts with regional, official and corporate media reportage. The immersive audio installation remixes live RSS headlines delivered by synthesized orators to highlight the sporting-style commentary that information agents deploy to captivate region specific audiences in a contest of reality RISK®.


To purchase advance tickets for ticketed events, go to

Deep Wireless, an introduction
February 4, 2 pm
NAISA North, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River, ON

Listen to a concert of radio art works from past editions of Deep Wireless that find original ways to tell stories and paint scenes through sound. Included will be Basketball Glitch by Sebastien Lavoie, Through a Door by Sarah Boothroyd, Re-Do Speaking Song by Debashis Sinha, and Taking the Bridge by Christian Nicolay.

co-presented by DisPerSion Lab
February 16, 4 pm, FREE
DisPerSion Lab, Room 334, Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, York University, Toronto

Leveraging the telepresence performance environment available at the DisPersion Lab, Thomas Gerwin will conduct a structured improvisation by the Electro-Acoustic Orchestra (EAO), who will be performing at the DisPerSion Lab in Toronto along with Gerwin's electroacoustic ensemble in Berlin. This networked ensemble will also perform tele-conducting pieces by guest artist Sarah Weaver, EAO director Doug Van Nort, as well as EAO member and active Toronto improviser Glen Hall. Note the early start time of this performance.

Transmission Soundprints
February 17, 8 pm, $15/$10 (free for TransX Symposium participants)
Geary Lane, 360 Geary Avenue, Toronto

This performance features a performance by keynote TransX artist Amanda Dawn Christie along with a selection of works from the TransX Transmission Art Symposium international call for submissions. Sounds of the radio ether and historical recordings appear in this show in a variety of forms. In Christie's work Transmissions they are paired with live manipulation of film loops of many contemporary and historical communications devices.

Stories, Reflections…
February 18, 8 pm, $15/$10 (free for TransX Symposium participants)
Geary Lane, 360 Geary Avenue, Toronto

This performance showcases works encompassing different forms of storytelling and reflecting on one's experiences as well as the moral dilemmas confronted.


TransX Transmission Art Symposium registration now open
Register on-line Now!

February 16 - 19 @ Geary Lane and other venues
$70 / $40 (students)

NAISA is pleased to announce the 5th edition of the TransX Transmission Art Symposium featuring a keynote address by multi-disciplinary transmission artist Amanda Dawn Christie. The symposium will also include lecture-recitals, performances and workshops as well as installations and performances as part of the annual Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art. Rooted in the earliest experiments with radio, Transmission Art has continued to flourish into the 21st Century with experiments using wireless communications technology over the past 100 years, including the exploration of a variety of mobile-based platforms such as GPS, phone apps, bluetooth and WiFi communication, as well as lesser-known forms of transmission, such as VLF.

The Deep Wireless 2017 Festival is partially funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, the Department of Canadian Heritage and the SOCAN Foundation. Thanks also to Wave Farm.


New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Included are: Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art, Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art, NAISA Sound Bash and SOUNDplay Festival

Media inquiries & general information (including ticket info):

Nadene Thériault-Copeland
Executive Director / 416-652-5115





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