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Call for Submissions

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Blink: Akimbo’s Super-Short Video Festival

Call for Submissions on March's Theme: Collage

Submit your videos on “collage” using Instagram, Boomerang or Vine.
Deadline: March 27

Blink, or you’ll miss it!


Make Some Super-Short Videos About Collage

We all are great imitators, collectors, appropriators, pillagers; taking inspiration from those before us, mixing that with our own identity. What pastiches do you make in your own work? Where do you see the mashups in the world around you? Share using #Collage and #Blink.

We’ll Share our Favourites and Give The Best Creator a Prize!

All month long we’ll share our favourite videos on Twitter and Tumblr.

Our favourite videos for each month will be featured on AkimboTV. The TOP video will also:

  • receive a prize donated by one of Akimbo’s super-duper clients - for March it’s a copy of Ryerson Image Gallery’s The Light Inside: Wendy Snyder MacNeil, Photographs and Films Catalog
  • receive a prominent feature spot on AkimboTV
  • get their video shared on Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr by @AkimboArt and promoted to thousands of people through all our channels.
  • be announced in next month’s video call.

How it works:

  • Make a video on the month’s theme using Instagram, Boomerang, Vine, or other app.
  • Share the video on Vine or Instagram with #Blink and #Hibernation
  • Follow and tag @akimboart.
  • Make and share as many videos as you’d like.

#Blink is open to everyone. There is no fee to enter and no limit to how many times you can enter.

  • Learn how to make and submit a video on Instagram here.
  • Learn how to make a video on Boomerang here.
  • Learn how to make and submit a video on Vine here.

Congratulations to February's Winner!

After getting some amazing submissions to our February call on the theme of #Hibernation, the Akimbo team awarded the Best Video prize to Hope Rhiannon for their untitled video on Instagram. Hope will receive a copy of Ryerson Image Gallery’s “Human Rights Human Wrongs” catalog. Click the photo to watch the winning video and top submissions:


So What is Blink Anyway?

Blink is a monthly, thematic super-short video festival hosted by Akimbo and presented on our online video channel AkimboTV. Every month artists are invited to submit short videos on a different theme and submit them using Instagram and Vine for a chance to be included in the Top 12.

Our 2016 program explores a variety of themes designed to challenge and inspire. Click here to see a list of upcoming themes.

#Blink is open to everyone. There is no fee to enter and no limit to how many times you may submit. All entries created with accounts following @AkimboArt using the relevant hashtags will be considered. Follow @akimboart and search #Blink to watch all the submissions.

Start brainstorming, experimenting, and submit.

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